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Hope In A Jar (2009)

Hope in a Jar (2009)

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0312381964 (ISBN13: 9780312381967)
St. Martin's Press

About book Hope In A Jar (2009)

Allie Denty is preparing for her 20 year high school reunion and she's not looking forward to it. In high school, she was the "pretty one" and now she's put on weight, doesn't have a job or a relationship and is feeling pretty low.Olivia Pelham was the "smart one" and hasn't been back to town since she left after a viscous rumor too close to the truth ended her friendship with Allie.Noah is Allie's best friend who is currently involved with her arch enemy from high school and has maneuvered both Allie and Olivia into coming to the reunion.I really wanted to like this book, the opening line about cheating with "an average woman" made me chuckle and I thought, yeah, this is gonna be funny. It had it's moments with some clever one-liners, but all in all, this book as a major disappointment. I didn't think any of the characters were that likeable and most seemed really shallow and stupid, not to mention, these "friendships" weren't really good friendships. They all seemed to be selfish and hypocritical. I have to say, I'm not sad my dog ate this book when I was finished. Allie is a 38 year old temp worker. The book starts with Allie discovering her boyfriend in bed with another woman. She kicks him out immediately but realizes she didn’t love him anyways, that she was just with him out of fear of being alone. Shortly after, she attends her 20th high school reunion where she awkwardly runs into her former best friend Olivia, whom she hasn’t spoken to in years (the novel later reveals what caused their friendship to end). When her and Olivia discover that their mutual friend Noah is going to marry Vickie, the meanest girl from high school, they band together to rescue him from her, and in that time also repair their friendship. Allie also discovers she may have feelings for Noah. . .I enjoyed this book. It was a fun chick-lit book and quick read about friendship and love. I didn’t enjoy it as much as her previous books Secrets of a Shoe Addict and Shoe Addicts Anonymous, but I did think it was enjoyable overall. It was slow at times and not the most exciting story, but I’d recommend it if you’re looking for a light easy read. I would, however, strongly recommend her Shoe Addicts books (Shoe Addicts Anonymous is the first one, so read that one first).

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This book was like a walk down memory lane. I loved the characters.

I actually liked this one..

Good beach read.

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