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Always Something There To Remind Me (2011)

Always Something There to Remind Me (2011)

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0312599102 (ISBN13: 9780312599102)
St. Martin's Press

About book Always Something There To Remind Me (2011)

Overall, I liked this book. I didn't love it but I liked it. I guess it seemed to me like a lot of the angst and issue resolution was always just right there for the taking. The teenage sex scenes were also a little bit much - not in general but overall, they made me feel squeamish and I am not a prude in the least.The main character, Erin, was so ridiculously selfish - not only in her teens but also as an adult. I wanted to like her, root for her, but I just couldn't. But still, I'm a sucker for a good little drawn out love story so I would recommend this book to a friend.... Ironically, I ended up reading this book on the birthday of that High School boy, that first love* that Harbison so achingly brings back - she perfectly captures the emotions and decisions that one makes in the throes of an intense high school relationship, and the devastation that you feel when it ends. Although, because it is Chick Lit, it ends in a more tidy and romancey way than it should, it was still a really good read.*who, in my case, is now deceased.

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Awesome book. I loved how she goes back and forth between past and present. :)


loved this.

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