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Heir Untamed (2012)

Heir Untamed (2012)

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About book Heir Untamed (2012)

Free book. Here's the deal, I'm torn between loving/hating this book. I'm strangely drawn to fictional royals of fictional small countries who sound too good that they (the princes) must be fictional meeting relatively normal girls. And the small romantic moments, I live for thoseBut not my fave writing, it sounded a bit unsure/rushed/thrown out there and I believe I would enjoy it more if Chey just narrated the whole thing so it can make me feel it more. Sander though. Knew it would be Sander. Ahhh Sander. I'll let you in a secret. I love rags to riches stories. Especially, if it involves princes and princesses. I'll be your slave for a month if you can suggest a book with princes and princesses and a great plot! Well, not really a slave but I'll love you!Anyway, if you're going to read this book, you need to shut down your basic logical deductions. You will either question every scene with, "why did this happen?" or simply with, excuse my french, "WTF?". It may seem awfully ridiculous and far-fetched for an unknown straggling photographer to get a job offer from a royal family. It is also unlikely for someone to grab a person who is driving and kiss him without actually dying. There are other things mentioned in the book that are unlikely to happen, but that's fiction for you folks. It isn't real!I know the author tried to surprise the readers with the real character, but the trick is so common. It lost its sparkle a long time ago. Try harder. The only saving grace for this book is the characters' witty banters. However, the downside about it, there is no character development. There wasn't even a build up. It was just thrown at us. The mystery was tempting but I got tired. It wasn't worth it. I even skipped some parts. Catch my drift?Another thing, this book needs some editing. There are redundancies of lines and grammatical errors.

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3.5 - if the rest of the books were free, I'd read, but OK ending the series in this one

It was good, kept my attention,but then it just ended I didn't care for that part.

Free on Amazon as of 11/3/14!

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