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Heart Of Obsidian (2013)

Heart of Obsidian (2013)

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0425263991 (ISBN13: 9780425263990)
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About book Heart Of Obsidian (2013)

W-o-w! Nalini Singh comes out with her best book so far, perhaps ever. This will certainly rank among my top books of all time ^_^. Featuring the most raw and darkly powerful couple of the Psy-Changeling series and a revolution that has been long in the making, this book really hits the heart and makes you believe in redemption. I adored Kaleb and Sahara and their...research...which caused earthquakes ;). The uniquely strong heroine, the non-rose-tinted but heart-stealing hero and an ending of freedom for a whole race that makes you want to cheer aloud, all combine to create a fantabulous book that so many could enjoy and adore. :) :) :) :) :) :) This one is all Psy book, Kaleb finally finds what he has been looking for the last several books. Turns out it was someone who he cared about in secret and was taken away from him as a young man. Most of the book is Sahara trying to recover from being tortured for years by another councilor to use her powers to control other Psy. The other half of the book is Pure Psy attacking different cities and then Kaleb and the Arrows coming to help. As the attacks continue the Changelings are also helping in the rescue efforts showing the world a united working front against the Pure Psy. By the end of the book the group seems to be broken and a hopefully a new future for all the Psy can start. I’m curious how the next book will go in the future of the Psy race.

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I love how someone we have spent 11 books hating is turned into a sympathetic character.

This book was on point. We finally get to see Kaleb and Ms. Singh does him justice.

This and Kiss of Snow are the best in the series. The hero is nommable.

Unbelievable good. A million stars!

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