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Hard As You Can (2014)

Hard as You Can (2014)

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0062267914 (ISBN13: 9780062267917)
HarperCollins Publishers

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I thought it was ok, kind of dragged on for me. Loved the series storyline and book 1 with Nick and Becca. Loved the idea of Shane in book 2, but just could not get with connection between Shane and Crystal just wsn't believable for me. I think Shane needed a more kick-ass female as his love interest. Still want to know how this ends aa the intrigue and suspense is so good. See that there are two more books, Easy and Derek's story. Don't know if I want to purchase two more books though to see how this ends. Wish Shane's story would have been better. Liked him the best in book 1 for secondary characters along with Jeremy. Honestly, I do not think that a romance reader can do better than Laura Kaye's Hard Ink series!I have to confess this novel is the most anticipated read of the year for me and I am so relieved that I did not have to wait for it! I loved it even if I still enjoyed the first book of the series, Hard As It Gets, a little more. I still relished Shane and Crystal's story in Hard As You Can.I do have to suggest reading the first book of the series, Hard As it Gets, prior to reading the squeal. Most of the action is a follow up from book one and there are many connections that are made in the squeal that are introduced to readers in the first book.(To read more of this review please visit the Night Owl Reviews website. Per company policy I am not allowed to post the full review outside of the NOR website.)

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I think The Hard Ink series is awesome! I cannot wIt to read book 3!!!

Tatoo parlor, hot guys



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