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Hard As It Gets (2013)

Hard as It Gets (2013)

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About book Hard As It Gets (2013)

The "Hard Ink" series makes a splash with Book One, "Hard as It Gets". Author Laura Kaye's romantic suspense tales will follow the adventures of five former Special Forces Operatives who seek redemption for being falsely accused of misconduct and then being dishonorably discharged. "Hard as It Gets" features Nicholas Rixey, who co-owns the Baltimore, MD tattoo parlor "Hard Ink" with his brother, Jeremy. Trouble walks through the doors in the shapely form of Becca Merritt, daughter of Nick's former army commander--the man who betrayed Nick and his brothers-in-arms. Becca is unaware of how her own father really died and all that occurred with the scandal involving his men. She has been sent to find Nick at the behest of her brother Charlie, who has disappeared. Nick at first refuses to help her, but then events involving threats to Becca's safety and the possibility of finding evidence to clear Nick and his friends make it impossible for him to remain uninvolved. When it becomes clear that the original conspiracy is much greater than Nick first imagined, he has no choice but to call his former comrades and ask for their uniquely skilled assistance. They agree, but there are lingering hard feelings among the group, and Nick feels the sting of guilt at withdrawing from them when they returned to the States. Along with confronting his friends and making amends, Nick must also deal with his growing involvement with Becca. He never expected to fall so hard for the daughter of the man who ruined his life, but Becca is different from anyone he has known. She is equally taken by Nick, both by his rugged physicality and his unexpected tenderness. When she learns the real truth of the situation, will she and Nick have a chance to make a life together? Look for each member of the Special Forces team to have their own story showcased in upcoming entries in the "Hard Ink" romantic suspense series from author Laura Kaye. Review Copy Gratis Amazon Vine This was my first full-length novel by Laura Kaye. I loved Hearts in Darkness, so I was definitely excited to start this one. Romantic suspense is a genre that I enjoy when it is done right. Kaye nailed it with as Hard As It Gets. From the very beginning I was intrigued by the story and where it was going to go from there. Add in a smart and endearing heroine, a sexy and tough military man, and a great cast of supporting characters, and this was a solid read.Becca was close to my perfect heroine. She was strong, independent, and fiercely loved her brother. While she was obviously scared for Charlie’s safety, I thought she held it together remarkably well. She listened to what Nick and his team had to say and trusted them to get the job done. I love how even after what he had gone through with her father, Nick was willing to offer her help and protection. It takes a real man to be willing to do what he did, especially calling on his former team.I loved the sexual tension between Becca and Nick, and when they did finally get together it was very steamy. I did wish there was more romance between them and that their relationship moved a bit slower. However, I did enjoy them as a couple. The dynamics between Nick, Becca, Jeremy, and Nick’s team were great. I especially loved how kind Becca was to all of them, while at the same time letting them know she meant business. I look forward to seeing where Kaye takes the rest of the series.

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Love this series Nick is hot as hell and will protect with everything that he has and all that he is

I had such high expectations for this one .. *shrugging* I think it was my fault.

Entretenido, me han gustado los personajes.Me gusta el estilo de la escritora.

How can you not love a book with a three-legged dog named Eileen?

Love love love these books. I couldn't put them down!

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