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Glitches (2011)

Glitches (2011)

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IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISH READ CINDER YET, PLEASE DON'T READ THIS REVIEW.I read first Cinder, later Scarlet and I already finished Glitches. (Yes, I'm a little late with the short stories)When Peony died, it was a very emotional moment in Cinder BUT and to be honest it didn't hurt too much for me because, pitifully Meyer didn't wrote too much about her. But in the moment when I finished Glitches was fatal. I WANT TO PEONY BACK AND SO DOES HIS FATHER. I was pretty excited to find this short story in a free science fiction anthology ebook. Keeping in mind it's a short story, this review will be scant. The story entails the first two(ish) weeks Cinder lives with the Linhs. She is slowly learning things about herself, including her inability to cry and how her internal portscreen works. In this short story, we get some characterization on Garan, the man who brought Cinder home from Europe.My only complaint is I wanted more to read.

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A nice little piece that provides a glimpse of Cinder's backstory. Worth checking out.

A wonderful free short story that all fans of The Lunar Chronicles will enjoy!

Sad and beautiful all at the same time!


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