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Gadis Dengan Kaki Dari Kaca (2011)

Gadis dengan Kaki dari Kaca (2011)

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About book Gadis Dengan Kaki Dari Kaca (2011)

This was quite an easy read. I didn't warm to it at first, the style seemed quite mundane, like so much other writing that makes you wonder occasionally who people know in order to be published. But it turned into an interesting allegory for dysfunction and emotional illiteracy and the need to seize the moment because who knows what might happen tomorrow? Some ideas worked, others were a distraction from the real story. Over all, it was okay. I'm sorry to say that this book ended on my DNF shelf. Ugh. I hate it when that happens. And this book just had so much potential!First off, the characters seemed very interesting. Really. The main guy and girl seemed pretty fairly rounded out with some secrets and back stories that I wanted to get into. The world was created was confusing, I'll give it that, but beautiful as well. There was so much detail and prettiness that I wanted to be in the story.So here's the problem: The swearing. It was AWFUL. In the eight chapters that I managed to get through, the f-word had been sworn more than any other word and the s-word wasn't too far behind. It ruined the beauty. Every time those words were thrown around, I was jolted out of the story and was found wincing. All this beauty, and then BAM something to shake me out of it. I really, really hate it when that happens. Haven't people heard that swearing doesn't make you sound smart? Usually I don't bother so much about the swearing. I've never had it where the swearing just seemed so out of character of the protagonists. It through me out of the loop and I HATE that.So yeah. I stopped. Because of that. If you don't care about this kind of stuff, then fine, I'm sure it's a beautiful story. If you do care about this stuff, you've been warned, and you're welcome.

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Simply the most beautiful story ever. I love this book beyond words. Amazing.

I'm deeply disappointed. The title is more interesting than the book itself.


I kept hoping for a happy ending but ....

Very interesting and bizzare book

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