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Fulminada (2014)

Fulminada (2014)

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About book Fulminada (2014)

I tried. Truly I did. But I could not get into it. The writing style was really good, but Mia just...fell flat. I couldn't even finish the book, and let me tell you why: it's a personal preference, I don't like books with a lot of blatant biblical things. And holy shit, this book was nonstop talking about the bible and religion and God, it was making my head hurt. Not offense to people who like this stuff, or to the author, it's just not for me. I thought the plot was pretty original in the beginning, but then it just started getting predictable, and predictable is sad and boring. Don't even get me started on Jeremy with his "tortured blue eyes" and "European underwear model" body. Just. No. Girl. No. I really wanted to like this book, because lightening, holy shit, pretty original. But...there was hardly any lightening action going on. So tragic. Oh well. I'm glad I only paid 1$ for this book. I liked this book in allot of ways,but there was just something off putting about it, I could not quite connect with the characters,or even like them like allot of books seem to be able to do.I don't know if that was the way it was written,or just the characters ,but really it seemed to be a let down.And then,it felt a little rushed,but slow at the same time,the build up was slow and the end seemed to fast.It is a pretty good book though,worth a shot,and I 'll look out for more by Jennifer.

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I actually read this online two years ago, and I thought that it was amazing book ever.

What the hell comes to mind? I found this truly weird.

Not bad. Seemed a tad underdeveloped.

really good!!!!!!!

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