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Jennifer Bosworth

Jennifer Bosworth
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Books by Jennifer Bosworth


Fulminada (2014)

I tried. Truly I did. But I could not get into it. The writing style was really good, but Mia just...fell flat. I couldn't even finish the book, and let me tell you why: it's a personal preference, I don't like books with a lot of blatant biblical things. And holy shit, this book was nonstop talk...

Fulminada (2014) by Jennifer Bosworth

Colpo di fulmine (2013)

Los Angeles to miasto, w którym rzadko pada. Wszyscy w to wierzą, ponieważ w końcu o tym mówi ta sławna piosenka: "Nigdy nie pada w Kalifornii, ale dziewczyno, nie ostrzegli cię? Jak już leje, to leje", więc musi to być prawda. Uciekająca przed przeszłością Mia, zamieszkuje tam wraz z rodziną i w...

Colpo di fulmine (2013) by Jennifer Bosworth

Die Auserwählte (2013)

In Struck, the main character, Mia, a girl with an addiction to lightning, must figure out her place in the world after a major disaster. She must figure out how to deal with her dysfunctional mother, and uncooperative younger brother, and two cult-like groups, both trying to win her over onto th...

Die Auserwählte (2013) by Jennifer Bosworth

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