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Die Auserwählte (2013)

Die Auserwählte (2013)

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About book Die Auserwählte (2013)

In Struck, the main character, Mia, a girl with an addiction to lightning, must figure out her place in the world after a major disaster. She must figure out how to deal with her dysfunctional mother, and uncooperative younger brother, and two cult-like groups, both trying to win her over onto their side, Mia needs to make a decision that could save or destroy the world. The most interesting thing I find about this book is that the main character is addicted to getting struck by lightning. I think that the author must be a really creative person to think of something like that. Lightning is not something one would think you could get addicted to.I think that Struck is a wonderfully crafted book, very believable, but with just enough “spark” to be fiction. I would definitely recommend this book to all of you people who have not read it yet. Although I read a lot, I don’t know any books quite like Struck to say “if you read ------ and enjoyed it, you should read Struck”, as I think Struck is a class of its own. (or maybe I have just read less of this particular sub-genre of fiction that I would like to admit....) Anyways... I think struck was overall a pretty good book, and I recommend it to people who haven’t read it. Everything that's going on is in the POV, of Mia Price who's obviously a lightning addict. With that being said, she's dubious about what not only what Prophet is saying but as well as dubious about people telling her who she is or what she is. People on both sides of the fences (Seeker/Followers) are both trying to aim to have her on their side of what's going on. Mia still tries to learn about her self, instead trying to take upon what the people that's trying to earn her interest says about her. Despite what these people are saying, all Mia is trying to do is provide/take care of her brother and mother (who's suffers from mental breakdowns) and trying to hide the fact that she has an obsession with lightning and she has scars from them."A piece of advice: if you want to remain in control of a doomsday cult, don't give a date for the end of the world unless you're really, really sure it's going to happen. Being wrong tends to undermine your authority." The connection with this quote is that, because of the prophecy of the world ending made my Prophet; he's brainwashing people into thinking the world is ending. With him brainwashing, and him telling people that "god" gave him the role of warning people to join the cult in believing him so they'll be able to be saved from the destruction of the "killer storm" that's coming. With the Prophet feeding people information that may not be true, it caused a division in the city of different cults: Either they're following Prophet's word (followers) or they're seekers. In this case, what's been previously told was false which is the main idea of this killer storm that's approaching that will cause the world to end is true or not. Either way, his words are important to the followers so it contradicts what is Prophet is saying about the possibility of the world ending or not simply because false information was given in the past.At first, I thought the theme for the book was Chaos and order but it was much more than that. I would say the book's theme falls under "Power and Corruption" simply because Prophet is brainwashing people into to follow behind him by simply throwing the "religion card", at the time where everyone seems impotent about what's going on, with the addition of them recently suffering an earthquake and now they have this idea in their head that a killer storm is coming that would ultimately end the world.

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It was an amazing book, I really loved it.

Very fast-paced and gripping:)


Rating 3.5


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