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Series: Urbino Mcintyre Mystery

by Author Edward Sklepowich


Death in the Palazzo (1997)

I raced through this book and couldn't put it down. This is the 5th book in Edward Sklepowich's mystery series set in Venice, starring Urbino McIntyre and the Contessa da Capo-Zendrini...and it's certainly the best book yet. A November storm traps the Contessa and her guests in her palazzo for a ...

Death in the Palazzo (1997) by Edward Sklepowich

The Last Gondola (2003)

Took much too long to get to a disappointing denouement. I did enjoy the characters for the most part, but I wished they weren't so introspective and cautious. If everyone had been a little more forthright, we could have settled all this in half the pages. (When I enjoy a book, I don't care how l...

The Last Gondola (2003) by Edward Sklepowich

Death In A Serene City (1990)

Death in a Serene City is the first book of the Urbino Macintyre mystery series by Edward Sklepowich. The story is set in Venice Italy during the weeks prior to carnevale in 1987. A wide variety of characters are introduced: a washerwoman, a hunchback, a priest, a countess, writers and artists. N...

Death In A Serene City (1990) by Edward Sklepowich