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Edward Sklepowich

Edward Sklepowich
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Books by Edward Sklepowich


Farewell to the Flesh (1991)

Ich war schon zwei Mal in Venedig und mag die Stadt sehr. Leider lernt man sie im Buch nicht wirklich kennen. Es werden zwar laufend Straßennamen oder Kirchen erwähnt, aber nichts darüber erzählt, nichts vom Flair rübergebracht. Außer dass die Straßen an Karneval voll von Touristen sind. Am Ende ...

Farewell to the Flesh (1991) by Edward Sklepowich

Death In A Serene City (1990)

Death in a Serene City is the first book of the Urbino Macintyre mystery series by Edward Sklepowich. The story is set in Venice Italy during the weeks prior to carnevale in 1987. A wide variety of characters are introduced: a washerwoman, a hunchback, a priest, a countess, writers and artists. N...

Death In A Serene City (1990) by Edward Sklepowich

The Last Gondola (2003)

Took much too long to get to a disappointing denouement. I did enjoy the characters for the most part, but I wished they weren't so introspective and cautious. If everyone had been a little more forthright, we could have settled all this in half the pages. (When I enjoy a book, I don't care how l...

The Last Gondola (2003) by Edward Sklepowich

Death in the Palazzo (1997)

I raced through this book and couldn't put it down. This is the 5th book in Edward Sklepowich's mystery series set in Venice, starring Urbino McIntyre and the Contessa da Capo-Zendrini...and it's certainly the best book yet. A November storm traps the Contessa and her guests in her palazzo for a ...

Death in the Palazzo (1997) by Edward Sklepowich

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