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Series: In The Company Of Shadows

by Author Santino Hassell


The Interludes (2010)

I was not happy with the first half of this ICoS installment.I was irritated with the awful logic and all those stupid choices, decisions, and all the miscommunication, non communication. Talk about flawed characters...but I kept reading. All because of Hsin and Boyd...mostly Hsin after Boyd kep...

The Interludes (2010) by Santino Hassell

Afterimage (2009)

If ever a book inspired introspection, sadness, and soul-searching, this one did. This is the most I've ever felt emotionally invested in a work of fiction. There's a despair that one feels toward Boyd and Hsin. I honestly wondered if they would have been better off never having met. In Evenf...

Afterimage (2009) by Santino Hassell