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Series: Hourglass

by Author Myra McEntire


Hourglass - Das Ende der Zeit (2000)

This review has no spoilers...Loved it!I have to asmit that I was a little dissapointed when I realized that it wasn't from Emerson's point of view. But Dune and Hallie didn't let me down. In fact I think this is my favorite book from the Trilogy. Perfect ending. I hate when a book series is so g...

Hourglass - Das Ende der Zeit (2000) by Myra McEntire

La Esfera (2011)

This book is amazing! I couldn't stop reading it and it was very original. The plot was amazing; the ending is happy.

La Esfera (2011) by Myra McEntire

El Temporal (2013)

Kaleb is a hottie! A bad boy who knows how to cook..and bake when he's depressed. ;)I love the fact that this one is written in his POV! Imagine, a hot guy narrating a book, definitely a plus!I was really surprised that it was written in a guy's point of view and also surprised that I love this s...

El Temporal (2013) by Myra McEntire

Die Versuchung der Zeit (2013)

I was a little worried when I started this book. In Hourglass, I was not a fan of Kaleb. And whenever the narrative changes POV between two books, I get nervous. I shouldn't have been. Myra managed to take a character who rubbed me the wrong way in the first book and make him a protagonist I not ...

Die Versuchung der Zeit (2013) by Myra McEntire

Hourglass (2011)

Could time travel ever be possible? In Mrya McEntire's book 'Hourglass' she does a wonderful job of putting love, adventure and suspense into this book. Mrya's heart breaking love story in this book make you want to yell at Emerson for not telling Micheal how she feels, but she might not ever get...

Hourglass (2011) by Myra McEntire