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El Temporal (2013)

El Temporal (2013)

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Kaleb is a hottie! A bad boy who knows how to cook..and bake when he's depressed. ;)I love the fact that this one is written in his POV! Imagine, a hot guy narrating a book, definitely a plus!I was really surprised that it was written in a guy's point of view and also surprised that I love this sequel. The first book is just an ok book, but this is soooo much better. I'm glad I still read it! I didn't even have to write reviews just to convince myself! Another plus about this book is that there's no love triangle! Yes, that's right, Kaleb is so over with Em. She's with Michael now. Lily, Em's best friend, is his new love interest and they are so perfect together! ;)I also think the book is unique, how it is about time travel and people's special abilities. Em can travel to the past, Kaleb senses emotions, Em can find things, Jack take away memories. Jack is the villain, and he's terrifying. I love this book! It felt like watching a thrilling TV series! ;) people are right, this series does get better as it goes. i am reading these books on ibooks but i much rather own them because i love them so much. Kaleb was my fave character from the first book. i liked him right away. it bothered me a bit about how he's such a player, but i realized how much more his character really is. so happy this was done in his POV. i also like how there was more added to Lily's character and Ava and Dune. well done. really hope this becomes a movie. i saw it could be in the acknowledgements and kind of freaked. not as much as i did when i saw Beth Revis (author of one of my favourite series 'across the universe' gave a firefly reference! i also love that show!!

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It started off very slowly but picked up towards the middle. Can't wait for the last book!!

In meinen Augen besser als der erste Teil. Hoffentlich kommt Teil 3 schnell :)


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