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Die Versuchung Der Zeit (2013)

Die Versuchung der Zeit (2013)

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About book Die Versuchung Der Zeit (2013)

I was a little worried when I started this book. In Hourglass, I was not a fan of Kaleb. And whenever the narrative changes POV between two books, I get nervous. I shouldn't have been. Myra managed to take a character who rubbed me the wrong way in the first book and make him a protagonist I not only enjoyed reading, but actually cared about by the end.The escalation of the plot from the first novel was perfect. Not a repeat of the last one, and not a leap so far distant I worried we'd taken a step off the deep end. Jack's involvement in this books plot was much like it was in the first. He's kind of there, but almost untouchable. I do appreciate the ambiguity of the new villain(s) in this book. It's a "don't know who to trust" situation and that felt so perfectly real to me. There was one random moment with Cat that I think.... should have been left out? or she should have been in the book a tiny bit more. It felt very thrown-in.Some of the secondary characters needed a bit more of a reintroduction than they got. It was pretty clear that Dune was going to be the protagonist of the next book... but I didn't really remember who he was without some help (from outside the text of the book).I love the idea of the rips... I want to live in this town, have the time gene and just sit on a park bench and watch history repeat itself. I think this was my favorite of the series. Kaleb, while whiny, was completely understandable. I've known guys like him. He felt real. Yeah, he did pine a lot and stuff but considering what he'd been through I found it actually believable. That said, the time-related abilities thing was a bit of a stretch; "I can read emotions in relation to time?" Does that even make sense? Oh, and dialogue was completely not believable. Everyone said way too much about what they were thinking. Most people I know just don't talk that much about their feelings or in that much detail. Most people don't even know their feelings--but maybe that's part of the way Kaleb is because he can sense emotions? I don't know. It was cheeseballs. Meh.

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Olivia really liked this book and is anxious to read the next in the series.

Can't wait to read the third! :)It was amazing overall, such a cliffhanger

Good story, lots of adventure and even some angst.

There actually wasn't much plot here


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