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Series: Discworld

by Author Terry Pratchett


The Last Continent (2006)

Quick - what do you know about Australia?I reckon if you live in Australia, you probably know quite a lot. If you've known someone from Australia or perhaps have visited there, you might know a few things. If your experience is limited to a few "Crocodile Dundee" movies and the Crocodile Hunter, ...

The Last Continent (2006) by Terry Pratchett

Carpe Jugulum (1999)

The reviews here are quite varied on this book, they are all obviously written by Pratchett fans however one of the problems with being a Pratchett fan is that he has SO many novels that you are bound to find a few that aren’t your taste. I personally loved this book. My favorite of Pratchett’s...

Carpe Jugulum (1999) by Terry Pratchett

Going Postal (2005)

Letters want to be delivered - and if they don't, you can get some nasty surprises. Especially in the post office in Ankh-Morpork where letters haven't been delievered for years and years.. and are starting to talk...So to solve this problem, the Patrician and tyrant Lord Vetinari 'hires' con-art...

Going Postal (2005) by Terry Pratchett

The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents (2001)

Всичко започва от по-далеч. От това как едни плъхове започнали да Мислят. И осъзнали, че трябва да има правила (нещо, което дори на нас, хората, често ни убягва. Например простичкото правило „Не пикай, където се храниш“. Доста човеци изглежда смятат, че са над тия неща). Уличният котарак Морис пр...

The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents (2001) by Terry Pratchett

Equal Rites (2005)

Granny takes on the old boys club4 August 2012tThere are a few things that I have to say before commenting on this book as such. Firstly this is the second time that I read it, but I have listed it as a read book because when I read it the first time the friend who had lent it to me then proceede...

Equal Rites (2005) by Terry Pratchett

The Last Hero (2002)

Un libro di Terry Pratchett è sempre una garanzia ma ci sono volte che cominci con qualche riserva: The Last Hero è un libro illustrato di 176 pagine con, credo, un terzo delle parole che ci sono di solito.Che sia brutto non te lo aspetti. Che sia meno... sì.Ma Terry Pratchett è un genio e non do...

The Last Hero (2002) by Terry Pratchett

A Hat Full of Sky (2005)

Dedicated to the memory of Sir Terry Pratchett, who passed away soon after I started reading the book.I have made, over the past twenty years, many friends among the inhabitants of the wacky disc-shaped world sailing through space on the backs of four elephants, carried in their turn by a giant t...

A Hat Full of Sky (2005) by Terry Pratchett

Night Watch (2011)

"...Не то, чтобы город погряз в беззаконии - как раз законов у него было в избытке. Просто он создавал для граждан не так уж много возможностей существовать без их нарушения. Свингу и в голову не могло придти, что цель его службы - ловить преступников и, не мытьём так катаньем, делать из них поря...

Night Watch (2011) by Terry Pratchett

Sourcery (2008)

Why wizard's don't have children16 September 2012tWhile the forth book in Pratchett's Discworld series is still amusing, and very colourful, I found it to be a little duller than the others that I have so far read. Some have suggested that it is because we have Rincewind and the Luggage but no Tw...

Sourcery (2008) by Terry Pratchett

Wintersmith (2006)

While I went a bit nuts with the quotes, I was actually quite restrained. There is so much that is funny in this third installment in the Tiffany Aching fantasy series about an apprentice witch (it's thirty-fifth in the overall Discworld fantasy series).In 2007, Wintersmith won a Locus Award for ...

Wintersmith (2006) by Terry Pratchett

The Fifth Elephant (2008)

I know that many have stated that there had been a decline in his writing as time goes on… I personally would have to disagree. There is a change in his writing; however I feel that it has been for the better. As his book have progressed, he has leaned less toward the quick giggle and insane ru...

The Fifth Elephant (2008) by Terry Pratchett

Thief of Time (2015)

Üheksa kümnendikku universumi massist on seletamata, sest see tegeleb ülejäänud universumi seletamisega - ja iseenda kukalt pole ju võimalik näha (välja arvatud väga väikestes universumites).Poe uksekell kõlises. Jeremy ohkas ja pani kellassepamonokli lauale. Kuid ta ei kiirustanud. Tema poes oli...

Thief of Time (2015) by Terry Pratchett

Making Money (2007)

Author: Terry PratchettTitle: Making MoneyFormat: eBookRating: 5/5I love Terry Pratchett. Love, love, love him. He's funny, which in my book is one of the most important qualities an author can have. He's warm and he's smart, which makes his humour smart and his books smart as well. Prior to read...

Making Money (2007) by Terry Pratchett

Interesting Times (1998)

Rincewind in China22 August 2015tWhen my friend leant me this book he simply said 'Rincewind' at which I rolled my eyes. I must say that Rincewind is certainly not my favourite Discworld character, even though some of the books in which he has starred have been quite good. However I wasn't really...

Interesting Times (1998) by Terry Pratchett

Monstrous Regiment (2003)

Pratchett addresses two questions here: (1) “Do you think it's possible for an entire nation to be insane?” and (2) Does - and, more importantly, should - a well-placed pair of socks (for 'certain' sort of padding) make a difference? “The presence of those seeking the truth is infinitely to b...

Monstrous Regiment (2003) by Terry Pratchett

Thud! (2006)

"What kind of creature defines itself by hatred?"That is the overarching theme of Terry Pratchett's Thud! which is indisputably one of his best works - in content and execution and the amount of serious thinking it makes me do after seeing the usual 'mundane' things through the prism of Pratchett...

Thud! (2006) by Terry Pratchett

Maskerade (1995)

I loved this book. Gee, I say that about every Pratchett book, don't I?Ah well, it can't be helped. Pratchett has his own unique wonderful style and is truly a master at his craft.So many things that I loved about this book.1. I love Agnes. Her struggles and voice was authentic for being an over-...

Maskerade (1995) by Terry Pratchett

Reaper Man (2005)

Original review posted on The Book SmugglersReaper Man is a book that I find really hard to define. It would be so easy to simply describe it as a hilarious – or even absurdist – romp about the chaos that ensues after Death is (forcibly) retired without an immediate replacement to take over his ...

Reaper Man (2005) by Terry Pratchett

The Truth (2002)

Complete Discworld Reread “An’ then…then I’m gonna get medieval on his arse.” There were more pressing problems but this one intrigued Mr. Pin. “How, exactly?” he said. “I thought maybe a maypole,” said Mr. Tulip reflectively. “An’ then a display of country dancing, land tillage under t...

The Truth (2002) by Terry Pratchett

Small Gods (2005)

This was the first Pratchett book I read, and I'm glad of it. While it has the humor and satire that is inherent in all of the Discworld books, it also has something else - something to say. It was evident, even from the first time I read this book, that Pratchett had put some real heavy thinking...

Small Gods (2005) by Terry Pratchett

Pyramids (2015)

3.5 / 5As always, I will avoid going into describing the synopsis of the book, you can read that up there ^. Though, as is usual the case with Pratchett's books, the blurb won't really help you much. Instead, I will go straight into my review.Quick summary?: If you generally like Terry Pratchett'...

Pyramids (2015) by Terry Pratchett

Mort (2001)

This review contains major spoilers for the movie Pusher 3The central joke in Mort is that Death is basically, you know, just a guy doing a job. The other day, I thought of Terry Pratchett's novel for the first time in ages when we saw I'm The Angel of Death, Nicolas Winding Refn's brilliant co...

Mort (2001) by Terry Pratchett

The Light Fantastic (2000)

"Inside every sane person, there's a madman struggling to get out. That's what I've always thought. No one goes mad quicker than a totally sane person." The second installment in the Discworld series is a bigger, funnier delight. One heck of a Laugh Out Loud read.Something I consider very special...

The Light Fantastic (2000) by Terry Pratchett

Soul Music (1999)

Rock n Roll invades the Discworld26 July 2014tWell, I can't believe that I have just finished my 16th Terry Pratchett Discworld novel, and that is over two years (no, not sixteen books in two years, 16 Discworld novels in two years) since I decided that I would give Pratchett the benefit of the d...

Soul Music (1999) by Terry Pratchett

Jingo (2006)

The Complete Discworld RereadI am a Granny Weatherwax guy. With no hesitation. You ask me which Pratchett story arc is the best and I will yell to the world how awesome the witches of Lancre are. But I got a dirty secret; it wasn’t always this way to me. Granny is the other woman, the one I l...

Jingo (2006) by Terry Pratchett

Men at Arms (2003)

Men at Arms, the first[1] book in Pratchett's City Watch subseries, makes for a wonderful introduction to the characters and world of Discworld. Admittedly, it's comparitively weak in some respects; like so many other series I've encountered, it suffers from "first book syndrome": weaker characte...

Men at Arms (2003) by Terry Pratchett

Feet of Clay (2005)

tCSI: Ankh-Morpork, that is to say the Watch storyline of the Discworld series, continues in Feet of clay and once again there’s more socio-political philosophy than you can shake a stick at. Marxism, feminism, you name it, Pratchett’s got it, though fortunately they are presented in a much more ...

Feet of Clay (2005) by Terry Pratchett

The Color of Magic (2005)

Reading The Color of Magic is akin to eating an entire bowl of ice cream just a little too fast...sure, it may cause your head to hurt at times, but the sweet rewards make it all worth it!Filled with ambitious wizards and ruthless assassins, the city of Ankh-Morpork has survived many dangers in t...

The Color of Magic (2005) by Terry Pratchett

Witches Abroad (2002)

Witches Abroad is the 12th Discworld novel by Sir Terry Pratchett. The thing about Discworld is that you don't necessarily have to read his books in order. They all take place in the same world, and all the characters pop up and make cameos in each other's stories, but it doesn't really matter. B...

Witches Abroad (2002) by Terry Pratchett