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Series: Charistown

by Author Lisa N. Paul


Breaking to Breathe (2014)

2.5 rounded up to 3. Ever read a book that you felt should be really good. The ratings are great, the reviews are great, the blurb is great so you buy it and start reading it. I almost DNF'd it, but how can you DNF a book that is rated 4.5 stars. So I tried again and finished it but it was an...

Breaking to Breathe (2014) by Lisa N. Paul

Thursday Nights (2013)

5 'gut wrenching' starsI love, love, love when I find a fabulous author I hadn't discovered before. This was one incredibly well written, sob inducing, beautifully crafted and extremely hot novel. There are so many secondary characters who have been introduced and have their own stories that I ...

Thursday Nights (2013) by Lisa N. Paul