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Fool's Fate (2004)

Fool's Fate (2004)

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Bitter sweetness or sweet bitterness...Epic. I was absolutely crazy when I finished the final, 6th book about The Fool and the Assasin, I couldn`t read, couldn`t sleep, concentrate or communicate with people - I got lost in the thoughts and emotions after absorbing this Story. The funny thing is that currently I spend my summer vacations out of town and without any internet. But after I finished the last pages and the understanding that THIS is the end, no more Fool and Fitz relationship for you dear, it on me. And I went to town to buy 3G modem and forgot about the promise given to myself - no computer on vacations!))) I sooo want to share what I felt with fellow-readers)I think I am very lucky to read the Farseer and the Tawny man trilogies as a whole, at once, when all the books were already completed, because if I got a taste of the Fool`s inner world, which he reviels piece by piece during the narration, and collected all the quotes about his attitude towards Fitz and his feelings like precious gems, and had to wait for the final book to come out and THEN got such an ending... I would probably...I dont even want to think about it!))) Also, I got spoilers and knew that a lot of readers consider the ending not happy at all but a mockery to Fitz and a sacrifise from the Fool. Anf here I join this crowd))))))))For me reading both sagas was PURE BLISS.I wont elaborate about the complex web of intrigues and beautiful language of Robin Hobb, because lots of critics made high praise and all long before me. I want to talk about the pain which is so GREAT right now, as if I myself have lost a dear friend.I heard a lot of discussions (some of them are pretty hot))))) where fans of the Fool argue about his gender. LOL, people, that is SO not important!! Fool is unique. I don`t have a slightest doubt about his gender, for there are too many hints, I would say - it`s plain as daylight because the answer is right there in the text! Fitz knew him through by Scill, he knew him by Wit, he was inside of his body and he, about whom the Fool had said - "you know me the best", never questioned his identity. For Fitz it was NEVER a question. Fool was his friend.But what our dear author makes of their frienship by the end?Fitz, who was partially "forged" even then realizes that he can`t live without HIS Fool. They become something way closer relatives, lovers or friends usually are - they really ARE the halves of a whole. No woman ever could give that to Fitz.And I like Molly, I really do))))) She is strong and self sufficient character, a woman knows how to earn respect!))) And she was Fitz`s true and first love, but the key world here - WAS.She is PAST.A wife of another, not a woman in love anymore, no-no!! MOTHER in the first place. Mother of another`s babies.Nothing here belongs to Fitz anymore! I dont get how he doesnt see this((( The Fool brought him back as people say "the missing pieces of his soul", but that were the late memories of the past.That girl existed NO more.The woman in NOW is a different person Fitz knows NOTHING about. And lets be honest - Fitz never was her priority - babies, candle-shop and the strong household were. And the Fool? The only one who could UNDERSTAND Fitz, who loved him crazily? Note that he compared himself with Nighteyes - but the Wolf never competed with the female, he knew Fitz needs "a mate and cubs" and was OK with it, wheras the Fool says - I have to go because IF I stay you will HAVE to CHOOSE between me and Molly, I wont make this happen, I will sacrifise my love for your happiness.And Fitz? What does he say? Is he happy with another`s wife who doesn`t know ape`s shit about him, except he was a cute boy who f***ed her well once... Is he? He says... I am content.But Fitz was always a bit slow when it came to feelings, so he can decieve himself all he wants, telling it was FAAAATE, and it left no choice for them and now it`s too late...but the truth is simple - he COULD HAVE the brightest gem, the highest of love if he only reached his hand towards what have been offered to him...but... he f**ed it up.And the Fool? He came back with the final poem, revieling his feelings with "ILOVEYOU but I WILL SACRIFICE MY LOVE for your happiness and walk away"BUT hislast dance of CHANCES smashed me to little ashes!it made me remember the scene where he finds out the flowers he received every morning were not from Fitz. But he kept hoping!!!!! I was never wise... Silly, silly Fitz. It`s not "a riddle" - it`s a plain answer to your question "Who I am to you?" Because the Fool was the only one who saw and accepted Fitz for what he was and around him Fitz could let himself the most precious thing - BE HIMSELF.Not play a role. How can a person loose THIS feeling and say " I am content"?...How can he be honest, when the other part of his soul walked away?...I understand why the author ended the books like THIS:it was logical.For the Fool Fitz is the Alfa and the Omega, the whole Universe. So he sacrifices his feelings to give him "a life he always dreamed about".Fitz is a man of duty. So thanks to (easy here, no bad words about the dead, remember?) yes! thanks to Burrich he ends up with another responsibility. (when he was READY to leave with The Fool!!!) But do you believe that THIS is THE END of their Story?I will never be convinced that the Fool and Fitz can be happy apart.It feels like a betrayal.They shall exist - that`s true.But TO LIVE one has to have a heart and a soul - and Fitz`s have walked away from him. What else is there to say except "I am content?"...And it HURTS!... Hurts so much...Didn`t they...after all they`ve been through deserve each other?A bitter sweet book, YES!I hope - and hope is this strange thing - when even the author herself tells you that it`s keep dreaming that we shall hear from them someday! "Fitz, I cannot. I was not made for this, this slaughter! This taking of life is not why I came. I have never seen this, not in any dream, nor read of it in any scroll. I fear I may lead time awry.""No. This is right. I feel it. I am the Catalyst, and I came to change all things. Prophets become warriors, dragons hunt as wolves." I hardly knew my own voice as I spoke. I had no idea where such words came from. I met the Fool's unbelieving eyes. "It is as it must be. Go.""He embraced me almost convulsively, and shocked me when he kissed my mouth. He spun and ran toward Girl-on-a-Dragon".."I hope he wears an earring of silver and blue. The fingerprints he left on my wrist have faded to a dusky gray.I think I will always miss him." P.C. With LOVE, to Robin Hobb. You are amazing!!!!!!!

So... I don't know how I am supposed to begin writing up a review for this book because never in my whole life have I been as affected and devastated, happy and excited, lonely and angry as I was throughout the adventures of this book. This is my all-time favourite book. It's exceptional. It's leagues ahead of all others (except for The Mad Ship, also by Hobb, which was recently my favourite book... overtaken by another Hobb book!) for so many reasons, and trying to gather my thoughts and rein them in enough to write a cohesive review that not only convinces everyone to read this, but also shows just how special it is to me... it's going to be hard...So, with all of that said, this book was great right from page one. As with all of the Farseer, Tawny Man and Fitz and the Fool books the main characters are once more Fitz, the bastard, and the Fool, a friend of his with some peculiar abilities. This book picks up not too long after the ending of book 2 when we're following Fitz, Chade, the Fool, Dutiful, Thick, the Narcheska and many more characters as they're about to embark on a rather grand quest. This quest is taking place because it will allow the young Prince the chance to prove his worth and slay a great beast, bringing the head back to the Outislander people and sealing an alliance between them.This story IS epic, in all senses of the word. There's big long journeys, there's many different characters, there's magic of various kinds. We get to see creatures in the skies and seas who are mystical and magical. We see journeys through all sorts of terrain and waters (yeah, there's ships - I like ships!). We also get to see a lot more than just a regular epic fantasy because not only does it have all of these elements and more, but it focuses on the characters (it is, after all, by Hobb).Robin Hobb has a way with words. Maybe even more than a way with words. She has an ability to create not only a world which is magic and a wonderful place to escape to, but she can convince me fully about this world. She is one of the few writers I have read where I can visualise all the scenes laid out before me and SEE what is happening as I read the words. The characters that Hobb creates and the scenes of dialogue between them all is fabulous because they make mistakes, they do stupid things, the apologise, they try again, and against all odds they try and get by in this crazy world. She's a master of making the characters become real people who you feel like you know and feel like you understand. She's got an ability to lay down all the words and from them you can draw out a living and breathing world within your head. You can imagine and see it all before you, and you're privy to all the dirty secrets, crude betrayals and strong tragedies and horrors that she unveils. This story took me in from page one and it's fabulous to be able to say that I started at book 1 of the Farseers and have followed these characters through 6 books now (some characters even through more if they've overlapped with those in the Liveship books). I think the change in both Hobb's abilities and the characters as they have grown and evolved as people and as elements in the world has been superb to watch.I have to say that I cannot even think of any way that this book could have been better. Every single one of the many, many storylines, questions and plots that Hobb was juggling she managed to tie off beautifully. I can see why, having read this, so many people (Hobb included) didn't think she'd ever return to this set of characters. That's not to say that this is a Martin book and everyone dies or anything like that, but there are some VERY emotional moments where I was sobbing my heart out (no joke, at least 20 times!) There were also so many moments of joy and happiness, redeeming moments and perfect, thought-provoking speech.Another thing which I adore about Hobb is that she is not afraid of addressing issues. She's got the ability to slide in ideas about gender-equality, race, deformities, sexuality, standing up for things, differing customs and much more. She manages to integrate all of these 'big issue' topics into her books and make them a seamless part of the story, but she doesn't focus on them. The story itself is more about the characters themselves, who they are, what they do and the decisions that they make, but at the same time each of those character have different 'issues' associated with them or as a part of them and we're constantly exposed to these things without even realising it (whether it was her intention or not I don;t know, but she does it very well!).This story was perfection. There are so many moments I want to tell you all about and cry over because thinking back on the read-throguh of this book it was truly wonderful. However, I don't want to spoil anything about it, all I want is for you all to go and enjoy the wonder of Hobb's world yourselves. If you've read this book I have no doubt that you know what it is I adore about her, and if you've not yet read it then please do try something by her, whether you're in for the long haul and you start at Assassin's Apprentice (Farseer #1) or if you just want to dip your toe in to her stuff and start with Ship of Magic (Liveships #1). Either way is a perfect start, but I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. I can say with certainty that this is my #1 book I've ever read. 100% highly highly recommended!

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I was very happy with this series (though I wouldn't recommend anyone read it without reading the Farseer trilogy first). I must have been happy because I read all three books within a week at the cost of many hours of sleep.However, can I just say to those of you who have read these books that I couldn't really buy the Molly thing? Is anyone with me on this? I understand she represents home and hearth for him (or cave and cubs!) and perhaps his lost youth. But she just wasn't a compelling character for me. More like a port in which to dock a ship.
—Evie Byrne

Executive Summary: I've been trying to be cautious about the books I give 5 stars. I really enjoyed the 8 books before this one. Most are very high 4's, but this one was a 5. From an author who seems to take pleasure in tormenting her characters, this was a surprisingly satisfying ending. Full Review: As the year draws to a close, I look back on 9 books I read in the last 4 months by Robin Hobb. Books I might never have read if not for good reads.This book caps off 3 stand alone trilogy that's by themselves are excellent. You can't really read Tawny Man without reading Farseer, but I suppose you could read Liveship without reading Farseer and many people have said their is no need to read Liveship before Tawny man. To that I say why? Why would you deprive yourself of great books for one. For another this book once again strengthens my belief that you do yourself a disservice by skipping Liveship. While I can imagine you won't be confused without reading it, you certainly miss out on a lot of the back story and significance of certain things.I had not expected to finish all 9 books this year, but once I finished my December book club pick with most of the month left, I resolved to read the whole Tawny Man trilogy before what stands to be a very busy reading year in 2013.I'm glad I did. It was a great way to cap off the year in between all the holiday busyness finding time here and there to read.Ms. Hobb found a way to resolve things in satisfying manner while still leaving me with a few questions that I'm OK with not having answers to. Sometimes speculating is the best part of a good book. That way the book never truly ends.Before coming to this trilogy I've read people who have clamored for more Fitz and the Fool books by Ms. Hobb. Her most recent entries in the Eldering series (Rain Wild Chronicles) which takes place at the same time as this series apparently contain neither. I expect I will read that series, but plan to take a break before doing so.I would happily read another book with those characters if done right. But I'm perfectly content at leaving well enough alone for fear of ruining a good thing.

Finally - ever since my school senior recommended the Farseer trilogy, I have avidly worked through the entirety of the Farseer books, save for the ninth and last due to it being perennially out at my library. When I first laid hands on it, I practically yelled with joy, and spent the entire day cloistered up reading. 3 stars? I LOVED the books, and this was no exception. It wrung my heartstrings more than once, and I was enthralled by it at every turn, but the ending was a massive disappointment. In many ways, it reminded me of the ending in the Harry Potter series, where Harry marries Ginny and they live happily ever after. Except maybe worse. Fitz has been through a lot - death, torture, imprisonment, abandonment, lost loves etc - and all those years would have changed him. They have changed him, that's a major part of why I enjoy the series so much, seeing how his character changes right from the first stubborn boy in Assassin's Apprentice. Molly's changed too - she's lost Fitz (Or thought she did), married Burrich and had 7 children by him. It's been over 16 years since they were first together, and as much as I would like to think we all carry a bit of love for our first, the ending felt way too artificial and constructed for me. It felt... normal, and normal Fitz is not. The whole 'my feelings were locked away in the stone dragon' thing is like a deux ex machina, and heavy handed for a writer like Hobbs. I'm not saying that Fitz doesn't deserve a happy ending - throughout the 6 books directly involving Fitz (nine in the Farseer world), it seems that everything has been building up to lead to anything but that. Maybe that's Hobb's final flourish, the stupefying of her readers with unexpected banality. I liked the Molly-Fitz relationship, but that was before everything. Also, I may be biased because I really liked Burrich and it just seemed a bit... disrespectful. Right, basically if you've reached this book, it means you've very likely read the others and enjoyed them. This one is no exception, though the ending is more of a whimper than a bang.
—Seraphina Shujun

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