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Ship Of Destiny (2001)

Ship of Destiny (2001)

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Ship of Destiny by Robin Hobb is the concluding book in The Liveship Traders series. I have absolutely loved this series and was excited to read the final installment and see what fate awaits some of my favorite characters in fantasy.Ship of Destiny and all of Robin Hobb’s fantasy books are extremely detailed character driven books. The Liveship Traders series is a snapshot of a particular few years where our characters are having the turning point of their lives. This is what Hobb writes, the turning points in character’s lives, and focuses on that with amazing detail. Most of these character’s turning points are usually some form of disappointment, hurt, or bad circumstance that make their characters rise to the challenge, and grow. This series is not a light read and can be a little depressing at times. Read when you are up for it.The main reason you should read Ship of Destiny is to find out what happens to these amazing characters. No other fantasy series has connected me to characters like Hobb did with this series. I know the characters better than most of my friends in real life. When bad things happened to characters that I love, I was scared, or angry. When good things happened to some of my favorites characters, finally, I rejoiced in their joy. I experienced so many emotions while reading this book because of my intense connection to these characters and that is why Robin Hobb is one of the best fantasy writers.Even though I loved this series, I gave the previous two books a 5/5 rating, and would rate the entire series a 5, this individual book I would rate a 4. It could possible be me and my mindset while reading Ship of Destiny but the pacing was relatively slow compared to the other books. Malta’s storyline was great, but it was repetitive at times, and I didn’t care for Serilla’s point of view sections. Also, there is a scene of sexual violence that was too detailed for me, and made me uncomfortable. Even though Hobb focused on the ramifications of that sexual violence really well and focused on the victim more than other writers, the actual scene just wasn’t something I wanted to read. However, I am glad that it was treated as a horrible thing that happened to the victim instead of a plot device to show how awful the world or perpetrator is.Overall I would recommend The Liveship Trader series and Ship of Destiny to anyone looking for some of the best fantasy characters ever written. Sure there are “cool” fantasy characters in other books but no fantasy character has ever felt more “alive” than the characters in The Liveship Trader series by Hobb.4/5 19/25 Possible ScorePlot – 3(Fine)Characters – 4(Strong)World Building – 4(Strong)Writing – 4(Strong)Heart & Mind Aspect – 4(Strong)Review from:

Robin Hobb concludes her Liveship Traders trilogy in fine fashion, weaving an incredibly vibrant tapestry of pirates, dragons, romance, danger, and political assignation. In particular, the second half of this book is packed full of action as the author deftly maneuvers her characters through rough seas, both literally and figuratively, and brings the entire epic to a thoroughly satisfying conclusion.Essentially, the book begins, with bringing us up to speed on the three major plots that had formed from the last book: 1) Althea Vestritt and her drive to reclaim the stolen liveship Vivacia, 2) the pirate, Kennit, and his quest to rid the Pirate Isles of the slave trade, and 3) and the events back in Bingtown and The Rain Wild River where war has broken out and an uneasy alliance is just beginning. There is much ground to cover in this volume and so the pace of the more mundane events picks up a notch from book two, and it is not long before the three individual plots begin to overlap and build upon each other. Some of the lesser characters from the first two books, including Reyn, of the Rain Wild folk, the Satrap and his companions, and Althea's all-but forgotten sister forge new roles and become instrumental in the plot development. All of the characters have come a long way since the beginning of the series, and to see their growth as characters is one of the most fascinating aspects of the entire series. It is fun to watch as they transform from weak-willed adolescents into fulfilling their various roles, whether as full-fledged leaders or as political scapegoats.Thankfully, the author has not kept us in suspense regarding all of the secrets and intrigues of the first two books. Here we at last discover the true nature of the serpents, the wizard wood, the liveships themselves, and we uncover the mystery surrounding Paragon (the Mad Ship) as well as Kennit's background. And, yes, the dragons not only finally make their appearance but also take center stage.This book is a "10". It combines exactly the right amount of tension, danger, romance, build-up, comic relief, and everything else that makes a great story come to light. Many novels come close but never quite reach such a pinnacle. It simply succeeds on so many levels. Some may read it for the great fantasy adventure it is while others will take away a far subtler but fascinating undertone that provides key insights on human relationships of all forms. And, truthfully it is, plain and simply, original. The settings, the characters, the plot, are wholly original. The ability to create such a believable fantasy setting and populate it with such colorful characters is truly a remarkable gift. And yet Ms Hobb doesn't let this perfection stand in the way of a truly rousing adventure tale.

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Can't agree with my friends who liked this. I thought it was a disappointing conclusion. Hobb lost control of her characterisation. New characters were flat and old ones inconsistent, and I lost interest in them. I was particularly dismayed to find that the Satrap went to bed one night as a whining, self-centred, childish excuse for a prince, oblivious to his political milieu and woke up the next morning asking relevant questions and demonstrating resolve. (But then Malta had done something similar in the second book.)I still liked her work on Kennit, showing us how a psychopath thinks. She got the ability to charm, the lack of empathy and remorse, and the tendency to objectify others spot on. The end of his story wasn't at all satisfying, however, nor were those of the many other characters. I wasn't at all convinced by the growth of Vivacia and Paragon into the 'whole' beings she claimed they'd become. And what on earth happened to Serrilla? such a proomising character! Bah! The whole thing went rather flat for me. But, one star would be too harsh, so ... maybe two.

Signs of an excellent book: Keeps you up at night. Makes you forget your body's basic needs. Makes your vision blurry from reading it constantly. Relationships suffer because you ignore other people to read said book. All of this happened to me in the course of reading Ship of Destiny. I could not put this book down. For days, I was completely entranced by Robin Hobb's world. And I would not have it any other way.Ms. Hobb played my emotions like a fiddle. I felt like a marionette and she was holding the strings. She made me run the gamut from elation to sorrow to frustration to anger... everything. I was emotionally drained by the time I finished Ship of Destiny. Few series have made me care so much for the characters and their lives as Liveship Traders. I won't ever forget them and they'll always be dear to my heart. The plot was paced very well and wrapped up satisfactorily. It's not excessively neat but I didn't expect it to be. I saw things falling into places and pieced things together on my own but it was gratifying to see it all come together. There was political maneuvering, cool ship battles, romance, tragedy, comedy... a little bit of everything and all woven together so well. As always, Hobb's writing is exquisite. She is a master and a wizard and I adore her.If you've read Farseer and want to skip ahead to Tawny Man, don't do it. Stop and read this series first. It's magnificent and there are nuggets scattered throughout all 3 books for Farseer fans. I give this book....5 out of 5 stars.Series rating: 5 million stars. A whole galaxy of them.

Se não tiver em conta as versões divididas das edições portuguesas, demorei 9 livros da Robin Hobb para perceber uma coisa: estou francamente apaixonada pelos livros dela. Não é daquelas paixões que nos levam a ler todos os livros de um autor de enfiada, quase sem tempo para respirar, não. É uma paixão que me leva a vida real para bem longe quando leio estes livros, aquelas histórias que ficam agarradas a nós mesmo quando não estamos a ler. É aquela vontade de prolongar o prazer da leitura, de ir deixando coisas daquele autor por ler para termos sempre algo novo em que pegar. Valorizo ainda mais a ligação intensa com esta autora porque me é cada vez mais difícil encontrá-la no meio de tudo o que vou lendo. E não foi uma coisa repentina, foi algo que se foi insinuando, aos pouquinhos, desde que a li pela primeira vez, em 2009. O que me agradou então continua válido: considero Robin Hobb é uma excelente escritora. Não só a nível técnico propriamente dito, mas por toda a capacidade em construir personagens que nos dizem algo, com as quais nos identificamos. A título de exemplo, não foram raras as vezes em que dei por mim, neste livro, a gostar do vilão da história, apesar de várias ações deploráveis e de torcer para que a sua história acabasse mal. Praticamente todas as personagens têm coisas boas e coisas más, histórias de vida interessantes, coisas importantes para dizer e muita margem de progressão. Ship of Destiny inicia-se exatamente onde Mad Ship termina e traz-nos novas e incríveis revelações. Percebemos finalmente a ligação entre os liveships e os dragões e ficamos a par de revelações inesperadas no que respeita ao passado de algumas personagens principais. E percebi finalmente a identidade de uma delas - um laço forte entre esta trilogia e as histórias do Fitz - numa altura em que provavelmente já todos os leitores tinham chegado a essa conclusão.Este último volume da trilogia está repleto de ação, de revelações e de jogadas políticas, mas há muito espaço para respirar e para conhecer ainda melhor todas estas personagens. É tão rico a nível de detalhes, de contexto, de sentimentos. E depois tem liveships, criaturas adoráveis. Já deu para perceber que adorei, não é? Só fiquei com pena - e acho que já disse isto - de ter lido antes a trilogia Tawny Man (a segunda do Fitz), que em termos cronológicos é posterior a esta e tem vários pontos de contacto, alguns deles importantes.Portanto, está visto que esta trilogia está mais do que recomendada. Achei simplesmente fabulosa.

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