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Series: Tawny Man

by Author Robin Hobb


Fool's Fate (2004)

Bitter sweetness or sweet bitterness...Epic. I was absolutely crazy when I finished the final, 6th book about The Fool and the Assasin, I couldn`t read, couldn`t sleep, concentrate or communicate with people - I got lost in the thoughts and emotions after absorbing this Story. The funny thing is ...

Fool's Fate (2004) by Robin Hobb

Golden Fool (2003)

What is this book...? Well, it's the continuation of Fitz's storyline. It's also the continuation of the Fool's storyline and Bukkeep's storyline. I would also go so far as to say that this is the continuation of the Elderlings world. This book, although focused on Fitz most of the time, is actua...

Golden Fool (2003) by Robin Hobb

Fool's Errand (2015)

Updated August 2014.Originally posted at Fantasy Literature.“Alone again. It isn’t fair. Truly it isn’t. You’ve the saddest song of any man I’ve ever known.” ~Starling Birdsong, minstrel to Queen KettrickenI squealed with delight when I recently opened a ...

Fool's Errand (2015) by Robin Hobb