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First Grave On The Right (2011)

First Grave on the Right (2011)

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0312662750 (ISBN13: 9780312662752)
St. Martin's Press

About book First Grave On The Right (2011)

I really like the snarky attitude of the protagonist of this series. I found the universe that it is set in and the plot to be very interesting. I have a few things about it that I don't like. For one, apparently all the men in this universe are attractive, and abnormally so, because the protagonist apparently does not know any men that are average looking or lower. But the reason that I only scored the books 3 stars is because I feel like they need to come with great big trigger warnings. The protagonist literally cannot say no to her main love interest even when she wants to. Even if she orgasms, not consenting means it's rape. The main love interest also seems to be unable to talk to her without his hand wrapped around her throat. Because nothing says love like the threat of strangulation. Based on the descriptions of pain as pleasure, I'm guessing that the author was attempting to get the bdsm curious crowd as readers, but most of the stuff that is described is only a slightly better depiction of bdsm as is shown in the 50 shades books. In the end, the sex scenes left me feeling icky like I'd read rape stories sugar coated, they missed the mark on vanilla-experimenting-with-bdsm and with actual bdsm and landed somewhere I don't think they intended to go. I would have been happier without any of the sex scenes in the book because I really enjoyed the rest of the books other than those parts. OMG. I wanted to like this. I mostly wanted to like this because I love Janet Evanovitch's Stephanie Plumb series. But this isn't like Stephanie Plumb. Evanovitch's writing is will never win her a Nobel prize in literature; Jones's writing made me cringe. SPOILER ALERT: if you had told me at the beginning that this books ends with a waterfall of self loathing before she (literally) fucks the spawn of Satan, I probably wouldn't have started it.

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3.5 stars. I really want to keep going with this series :)

A light, funny read that provides necessary brain candy.

Very fun read!

just love it

3.5 stars

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