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Firespell (2010)

Firespell (2010)

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At least I made it through this Chloe Neill book. I gave up halfway through the first book, Some Girls Bite, her more famous series, Chicagoland Vampires. This book is definitely for a younger audience, and compared to many books out there that are meant for teenagers, this one actually has the correct content. Meaning no swaring, no sex and the idea that best friends are more important than other worldly things. I am actually rating this book higher than it deserves considering all its faults. This book was horribly written. The main character is flat. Most the dialogue seems forced and false. The Head Mistress is awefully written! It really needed a bit more editing since characters often stand up twice or grab their bags twice. However, the story itself is good. It is a nice concept which I enjoyed. Lily's best friend Scout is well written and has the most personality, she has depth to her. The story is set in Chicago in an old boarding school, a setting I really enjoyed. The book has alot of mystery about it and sneaking around in the dark. It sort of reminded me of Nancy Drew, but Nancy Drew meets Magic. I'll read the next book because the story interests me, but I will be gritting my teeth through the writing, unless there is suddenly a major upgrade. When Lily's parents go abroad for two years, she gets shuffled off to an exclusive boarding school in Chicago, away from everything and everyone she knows. Understandably unhappy with the situation, she soon learns that teenage drama is not the only thing afoot at St. Sophia's. Through her new friend Scout Lily gets drawn into a world of secrets, magical powers and dangerous battles...A fun and engaging read with great characters.

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Good book.Has a mysterious story that will have you glued to the book.

cool ! but not WOW


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