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Finnikin Of The Rock (2008)

Finnikin of the Rock (2008)

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0670072818 (ISBN13: 9780670072811)
Viking Australia

About book Finnikin Of The Rock (2008)

3.5. Hard to rate this book because I can't say it is a three, an average read because I applaud the author for infusing realistic, brutal conflicts into the story. The intellectual part of the plot is above average. However, the weak characters and uninspired plot for an fantasy read do not qualify it for a four in my book.In the blurb about the author, she wrote that for her to write fantasy, she must understand reality. It is truly amazing how she brought the reality of war and its consequences into this book. The plot centers around the diaspora of a people (think Jews) after a terrible invasion and tell of the tale of one group of individuals who try to bring their scattered people home. There is a lot of traveling but the author is not really interested in flushing out the culture of each country. Instead she concentrates mostly on using these countries to illustrate the fear and inequality facing "outsiders", the cruelty within humans, the fear of the unknown. Topics of rape, torture, brutal violence are in no short supply. I applaud the author for her courage to infuse tough subjects into her story.However, the characters were unbearably weak. I was actually surprised to learn that the author also wrote Jellicoe Road, a stand-out in not only illustrating the bond of a group of 4 friends but 2 groups of four so 8 people in 300pages. The main character of Finnikin is supposed to be this smart, honest individual, destined for great things. MrsMarchetta tried to make him realistic by giving him selfish desires: who wouldn't be tempted by a crown, by wanting to have-it-all? However, Mrs.Marchetta never created any situation that showcased his strength of mind, his "amplitude" for leadership, his charisma to inspire others to follow. Instead, he goes into "macho" matches with others, is violent at times to his friends and show no great humbleness to admit his mistakes. I don't see him as the book tells me of him, which made the reading a discoordinating experience. The rest of the characters follow much the same pattern. All fill some stalk stereotypical molds where the males are violence and macho and the women, while strong, are either "hate-men feminist" or "behind every great man there is a woman" type. There is hardly any conversations to flush out character interactions and if there were, my afterward impression was awkwardness. I think overall this is a unique book in the fantasy category for what the author is willing to bring into the discussion on war and "reclaiming a kingdom". Unfortunately, it failed to emotionally draw me for its stale, stiff and uninspiring characters. I saw Finnikin of the Rock on a list of young adult books that grown ups should read. I had read all of the others, so I thought I should close the gap. Unfortunately, I didn't love it. I didn't hate it, either. It was just a solid three star book for me.There were things I enjoyed about the book: the gradual revealing of a character's true identity, the title character's push/pull toward his future and a character's ability to feel the pain of those around her. Yet I found the book a slow read. I had to remind myself to go back to reading and I struggled to keep straight some of the sections on the history of the fictional world.That being said, I enjoyed the ending of the book. So much so that it might just have been enough to encourage me to read another book in this series.

Do You like book Finnikin Of The Rock (2008)?

Loved it. It was a great start to a new serious. And I especially loved the secondary characters.

Probably my favorite fantasy series of all time! So worth a read!

Couldn't even get past the second chapter, terrible.

It's a diaspora thing. You wouldn't get it.


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