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Fighting To Forgive (2013)

Fighting to Forgive (2013)

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3.5 stars!! I think I was a bigger fan of Raven then Layla as far as personalities although I LOVED Blake! His character really transformed through the book, he grew into a guy who wanted one night stands to someone who all they wanted is to have a wife and daughter.... I keep waiting for Layla to become a little more confident... she could finally ask for what she wanted in bed but was still so unsure if Blake wanted her, I kind of feel like it was crappy for her not to be there for him while he was in jail... Anyway, I love J B Salsbury's books! who can you not love HOT fighters, fighting and protection those they love. I knew Blake's story was going to be good & I was right!!!I would almost say that I like this story better than the first. Almost, but it's really hard to decide. There were some really good twists & turns that will have you saying WOW!!!Layla has left her old life behind to start anew in Vegas. After 16 years of all kinds of abuse she is determined to make a new life for herself & her daughter, Axelle Rose (Elle). And even though things are pretty tight she is sure she has done the right thing.Blake "The Snake" Daniels is on the brink of the biggest fight of his career when things start getting really interesting in his life. Women are just for fun, the more the better. He has his own baggage & he doesn't need any one else's.On Layla's first day of work Blake catches her on her hands & knees trying to retrieve the things that fell out of her purse when the strap broke. Apparently she is making little squeaking sounds so he nicknames her "Mouse" & the chase begins...I really enjoyed this book & I am definitely looking forward to reading more of this series.

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I am so sad that this book is over! Loved every minute of it! I ❤️Blake :)

Loved yummy Blake and Laylas story!!

I LOVE Blake! That is all lol

Blake Daniels is Amazeballs!!


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