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Fighting For Flight (2000)

Fighting for Flight (2000)

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About book Fighting For Flight (2000)

Wow! What can I say...5 no doubt in my mind stars! I got everything I love in a book from this book! It made me feel the love that Jonah and Raven have for one another, it made me feel mad and anxious about everything that Raven had to go threw with her mother and father. There were parts that I laughed out loud! I almost cried a few times! This book has it all! I am looking forward to the next book and will most likely stay up all night tonight reading it! This was an excellent love story, full of romance. I loved it! I liked this story over all, don't get me wrong. The chem between Jonah and Raven is HOT stuff and there was definitely action to this novel but there were still some elements that did not work for me.Raven came across as too much of a Mary Sue heroine for my liking. A virgin who though has trust issues because of her up bringing and parents was still just oh so sweet, pure- short of being a saint. Didn't think it needed to go that far. I did hate that at times it felt like she was the damsel but then other times she was fierce/strong- felt there could've been a bit more rounding out of her character. And while I did really love Jonah, his saviour complex did get a bit frustrating. He was a very loveable (if at times a-hole) possessive alpha male though. The "I don't do relationships ever" to "omg I have fallen in love in the blink of an eye" is kind of ridiculous but for the progression of the story and the writing, I was able to over look it. Blake and his lines were hilarious and made me laugh too.

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Love love love this story. So heartbreaking to have no love in your life....well until he shows up!

Didn't even bother finishing it. It started off interesting and then it was just bad.

LOVE Jonah and Raven and it had a refreshing new plot

4.25 STARS

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