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Fighting To Forget (2014)

Fighting to Forget (2014)

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About book Fighting To Forget (2014)

This was an amazing addition to an already awesome series. I don't thing I've had a book about an MMA fighter affect me quite the way this one did. They're usually sexy and hot reads. While this book is sexy too, it has a different undertone to it. Rex is a survivor, a fighter. His past is torturous and he uses his tattoos and piercings as a sort of therapy to ease his pain. While not as cocky as Blake and as self assured as Jonah, under Rex lies a quiet ferocity you just can't help but fall in love with.And then there's Mac. Poor, guilt ridden Mac. Her character was heartfelt and my heart broke for her as well. This is a deeply moving and emotional read. I even messaged JB and called her a bitch because so many parts of this book just wrecked me emotionally. A satisfying read with a tortured hero and heroine who are just trying to find the beauty underneath all the ugliness life has thrown at them. ~ Erin, 6 HUGE SPARKLY STARS Wow!! Just wow..I knew I would be reading about a MMA fighter(yum!) but I had no idea it would be about one who has had such a horrid past. I absolutely freaking adore Mac aka iga and Rex. I wasn't sure I would love it as much as the other two books before this one but I was wrong, it was just as awesome. The issues that Rex and Gia faced at such a young age was so awful. It broke my heart but if there is ever truly fate working in anyone's favor it is definitely theirs. I am so happy right one. I still hate their past but I love e that it took each other to beat their pasts. The author is freaking amazing. No questions. Hands down!!!!

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4 stars. This was another hot, sexy, steamy, emotional read in the series. On to the next one...

Amazing, loved it! Happily ever after, this book has it all!

Rex's story has been my favorite so far in this series!

Dear Self, you love this series, read them all.

"Even the strongest of us fall off the wagon."

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