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Fifty Shades Trilogy (2012)

Fifty Shades Trilogy (2012)

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This is one of those stories that I'm embarrassed to admit that I read. As my only venture into erotica, I must say it was intriguing. If you throw a cold glass of water on the sex scenes, cut out the over usage of the f-word, and burn out the constant references to her Inner Goddess and the like, you have a good story on your hands. Christian is an interesting, truly 50 shades of a screwed up, ball of emotional complexities. It takes the innocent blank slate of Anna to unravel him. Highly sexually charged book. I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD GET BEYOND BOOK ONE BUT SOMEHOW got hook to the storyline and character Anastasia Steels. Mr. Grey a sex dominant is very rich, controlling and married to the hot and smart Anastasia Steele. The relationship is filled with an expensive honeymoon and various mishaps which both made them think if this will be a happily ever after.I'm almost embarrassed to rate this with 3 stars but I must admit I was hooked.

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oh there it is, anyways I liked this book and I cant wait for the movie on Valentines Day 2015 k bye

Meh. Very bad writing.


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