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Fifty Shades Darker (2011)

Fifty Shades Darker (2011)

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There are so many things I disliked about the entire Fifty Shades series that I feel badly writing a review about it. Let me start by saying that I did, in fact, read the entire series. I can remember, when it was first released, how this book was all the rage. I could hardly go two steps without meeting someone who was either in the thick of reading it or had already done so. That being said, I approached it with the kind of caution I might a live grenade. I knew, from reviews I had read and heard, that despite their overwhelming popularity, Fifty Shades was likely to disappoint me. When I found out that the author was a FanFic writer for the Twilight series who wanted to write a book about her "personal fantasies", warning bells were going off.Now, I'll admit that romance novels were a guilty pleasure of mine all through my teens and early adulthood. Literary brilliance, they were not, but I liked their formulaic structure. They were predictable and always ended happily, which at the time, were things I craved in my entertainment. Even reading these, though, I had high standards for writing quality. Dialogue had to be believable, characters had to be dynamic and realistic, and the story had to feel engaging if not outright plausible. I felt like Fifty Shades failed on all of these accounts. The only credit I can give to the books is that they dared to edge past people's typical comfort zones by pretending to explore a world of sexual fetish that makes most people uncomfortable. I say, "pretending," because at the end of the day this was an excessively smutty romance novel dressed up in a BDSM costume. Not only that, it was done poorly to boot. The dialogue is ridiculous, the characters one dimensional, and the sex scenes (because let's face aren't reading it for much else) so outrageously unrealistic as to completely miss the mark on being effective. That's just the start. The characters' relationship moves at an alarmingly unbelievable pace (**SPOILER** they meet, fall in love, start dating, get pregnant, and get married in less than a six month span of time.) On top of that, the only way the author seems capable of justifying Grey's sexual fetishes is to make him severely mentally unhinged and only redeemable because he is "fixed" by his relationship with Anastasia, playing on stereotypes and lauding what can only be described as a frighteningly unhealthy relationship, rather than approaching the subject in an objective, thoughtful way.On the surface, the Fifty Shades books are a quick read, and if you can get passed some of their more glaring faults, generally entertaining. I would personally relegate them, though, to the lower end of the romance novel category. I read 50 shades darker. This book I would have to say is my favorite out of all the books. My favorite part in the book is when he first tells her she loves her. My other favorite part in the book is when one of christans ex-subs has Ana at gun point my most favorite part is when he asks her to marry him..My favorite part in this book is when he first tells Ana that he loves her. She starts crying and tells him that she loves him. The author has a great mind when it comes to every detail. He describes her as emotional. He describes the tears prickling in her eyes. It's just a good part in the book. It's one of my favorites because that a big step in progress for there relationship. It's a big mild stone for him to finally let her in.I also my other favorite part in the book is when christans ex-sub is waiting for Ana at her aparment. And then 10 minutes later cristan shows up. And just gives his ex-subs this look and she drops to her knees. But what I don't like about that is he gave his ex-sub a bath . I thought that was not the best thing her could have done, because he was dating Ana. Ana did not like it either. It got her upset. After he left with the ex-sub Ana whent to get a drink with her friend. An hour or two pasted and she whent back to christans house and he was furious. Like he had th right. Cristan told Ana what happen. She was upset, but she did not leave because she loves him with all her might.My last favorite part of the book is when cristan asks Ana to marry him. I like how he asked her but to be honest it was kinda out of the blue. But of course she said yes. They were talking and he just said marry me. Ana said she had to think about it, but who wouldn't have to think about it. Christans birthday was coming up. So she had a little plan she put the word yes in a box and gave it to him, but she told him he could not open till his birthday. I thought that was really cute. Then his birthday came, and he opend it and he was so happy. Ana said you had my answer the hole time. That is why this was my most favorite part in the book.50 shades darker is great book. It has romance maybe too much but it is still a good book. It has adavanture. This is great book to read it keeps you on your toes. You never know what will happen next. It keeps you guessing. I abosoulty love this sieres. It is amazing.

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i have a lot of trouble starting things and not finishing them.

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