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Fifty Shades Of Grey (2011)

Fifty Shades of Grey (2011)

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About book Fifty Shades Of Grey (2011)

The fact that Ana is entering a whole different world.. and she didn't even know how to orgasm.. The idea of the heroine trying to blossom (but i'm afraid out to a dark zone) into this woman that fall in love with a Man who has issues.. That Part of the novel makes you read more.. That anticipation to what is next.. what reaction will she have in order to get the kick.. That her first love is a fucked up person who likes to beat women when it comes to his pleasure.. I think what makes me excited about this novel is the events, because the writing style is pretty decent and not much of a thrill.. it is an interesting novel overall... Yes it is! I read this because I wanted to see what all the hype was about. I started it knowing it was twilight fan-fiction... I see how christian reflects the worst in Edward (withdrawn, stalker tendenciesx2, and difficult and constantly steering Bella/ana in the direction he wants because she's a doe-eyed bimbo). however I prefer Ana's inner dialogue over Bella's by maybe.... an 8th of a degree. I don't think this book deserves as much hate it gets. but not as much love either. they're characters. its fiction. a form of entertainment. get over it. its controversial but it could be much worse. it was bearable but its not something I think I'd read again.also, I think bdsm can be misunderstood. I dont know much about it but I highly doubt this is a true representation. I do know, however that some relationships really have a true love connection.

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Interesting. Bad writing but engrossing story. I want to know what happens next...

I didn't think ill like it but then I guess I like it. Starting second book now.

If you need a good laugh, listen to the audiobook.

Actually quite enjoyed this book. Not even sorry.

Still loving Mr. Gray

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