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Enshadowed (2012)

Enshadowed (2012)

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I've never skipped so many pages while reading a book. And it's hard to understand why this series is a trilogy when you could have skipped this book altogether. Nothing happens - Isobel grieves and decides to go find Varen and gets thrown back to reality, right back at the beginning of the situation in the start of the book, basically. Usually I like when a writer describes scenes and feelings and stuff but this was just too much. Feels like 3 pages is spent to describe stuff that could have been told in two sentences.And now I need to wait until next year to find out what happens. Grrrrr. Sadly, this was a bit disappointing. I was excited for Enshadowed so when I bought it, I dove in right away and it was okay and pretty smooth at first but then it just exploded into a huge mass of sub par writing from the middle until the near end where it suddenly cleaned itself back up so it least somewhat reminded me of the near beautiful style that created Nevermore. The last few pages felt extremely rushed however, like Creagh just wanted to hurry and wrap this series up once and for all so the ending didn't leave me feeling satisfied with the series at all. So in short, the sequel was not nearly as good as the first novel.

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it was very good. it had all the poeness yoou will ever need

want to read the next book but this one was awesome

I love the book and long for part 3!!

Give this to me like right now.

It's amazing! ♥

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