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England, My England (1982)

England, My England (1982)

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0140014829 (ISBN13: 9780140014822)
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About book England, My England (1982)

This was a dark and biting selection of stories from just after the first World War, yet none dealt directly with the war itself. That made the stories all the more readable and enjoyable to me. The characters were sometimes hard to fathom thanks to social nicety and social acceptability of the time, for those that use the phrase the gold old days couldn't possibly mean the early 1920's, especially when concerning the female sex.But the stories did as they should should and poked holes in those ideals and niceties.Of the collection my favorites were Tickets Please, a man gets what's coming from a group of scorn ladies, The Blind Man, the peculiarity of the blind man was especially disarming, and Monkey Nuts, which was a somewhat humorous story about a timid man unwilling to do as expected, plus the cat-call Monkey Nuts was a fun bit of ridiculous.A quick read and enjoyable.

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