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D.H. Lawrence

D.H. Lawrence
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Books by D.H. Lawrence


Women in Love (2003)

This is another old review, written for another website back in 2003, my memory of this book is shoddy at best.I believe D. H. Lawrence, despite writing constantly about men and women in a risqué manner for his time, is gay. Why do I say this? Because of the three Lawrence novels I've read to dat...

Women in Love (2003) by D.H. Lawrence

Psychoanalysis and the Unconscious and Fantasia of the Unconscious (2006)

I have spent most of this summer of 2012 with D.H.Lawrence. It began with reading a book by Geoff Dyer Out of Sheer Rage: Wrestling With D.H. Lawrence and went on to daily morning meditations with four to six pages of this book of the unconscious and four to six pages of his triple travelogue, D....

Psychoanalysis and the Unconscious and Fantasia of the Unconscious (2006) by D.H. Lawrence

The Rainbow (2009)

Behold, I show you a mystery. Not all shall see the rainbow that I beheld. My reading experience eerily evoked the phantasmagoric mystery of love between a man and a maid. Infatuated, I dissolved into delirium and lingered with my new book in bed-- panting, feverish, lapping the quasi-religious l...

The Rainbow (2009) by D.H. Lawrence

Lady Chatterley's Lover (1983)

I think that Lady Chatterley's Lover is a book a lot of people have heard about, but perhaps not so many have read - at least, not since its heyday in the 60's as a bohemian cult novel, free-love manifesto, and object lesson in the sordid appeal of banned books.And to this day, it has a certain r...

Lady Chatterley's Lover (1983) by D.H. Lawrence

The Plumed Serpent (1992)

Thank you, Mr Lawrence – I think.Much to think about here, but also much that isn’t acceptable or comfortable in a 21st Century world. As the academic wrote in the Introduction to my edition: “if you want a handbook for how to set up your own Fascist group this has it all.” The main theme of thi...

The Plumed Serpent (1992) by D.H. Lawrence

Aaron's Rod (1976)

My experiment with D.H. Lawrence has come to an end. This is the third novel of his I have read in the last two years (the others being The Rainbow and Lady Chatterly's Lover) and all three novels I have strongly disliked. I really wanted to respect Lawrence even if I did not particularly enjoy r...

Aaron's Rod (1976) by D.H. Lawrence

England, My England (1982)

This was a dark and biting selection of stories from just after the first World War, yet none dealt directly with the war itself. That made the stories all the more readable and enjoyable to me. The characters were sometimes hard to fathom thanks to social nicety and social acceptability of the t...

England, My England (1982) by D.H. Lawrence

The Man Who Died (1995)

“Escrevi uma história da Ressurreição onde Jesus se levanta a braços com uma grande náusea perante tudo, deixa de suportar a velha multidão, e mais – corta com ela – e enquanto se vai restabelecendo começa a perceber quão espantoso e prodigioso o mundo é, bem mais maravilhoso do que qualquer salv...

The Man Who Died (1995) by D.H. Lawrence

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