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En La Oscuridad Resplandecen Las Estrellas (2013)

En la oscuridad resplandecen las estrellas (2013)

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8494172905 (ISBN13: 9788494172908)
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About book En La Oscuridad Resplandecen Las Estrellas (2013)

4.8 stars! The rating has shown that I really love this book so much. And you know, I do. Nothing less nothing more to say. To Diana Peterfreund.. I think I also want to thank you for creating such a great delightful, breathtaking romance. And for making a very likeable heroine. Elliot's strong character, her kindness, perseverance, patience, love and respect and support for people has made her one of my favorite heroine ever. She's the best character in this book. And I also find that your post apocalyptic world that set as background in the novel can be thought as something that makes sense. Luddite and the reduced and the post and Erv were totally believable. Just for my own thought though. In the end I cannot wait to read the next book in this series. Lucky for me I already have it:-) This book was different than what I originally expected (I was somehow under the impression that it had something to do with spaceships), business I did enjoy up liking it quite a bit. It was an interesting concept overall. I liked the characters and I liked the old timey feel with it being set sort of post apocalyptic setting. I wasnt surprised to see how things turned out, but I did enjoy how they got to that point. I feel as though things could have went a little more in depth, but it still had a nice story. Is it sad to say thst I thought this was a stand alone book? I don't know how I feel about there being a sequel as of yet, but I cant wait to see the rest of the story and to learn if Elliott's thoughts on what Kai has done come into play again.EDIT ah. Well I just read the description of the second book and was rather disappointed about the change in characters. But oh well I suppose. I didn't really expect anything else to happen anyhow.

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Slow to start, but eventually really enjoyed it. Think dystopian Austen.

one the more compiling Dystopia I read in several years

Pretty decent!

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