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Elfhome (2012)

Elfhome (2012)

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1451637837 (ISBN13: 9781451637830)

About book Elfhome (2012)

There are too many characters too keep track of, so the subplots don't dovetail smoothly at the climax. This was a real disappointment because I loved Tinker and Wolf Who Rules. Oilcan gets to shine, which is nice, but Pony doesn't do much other than calm Tinker down every time she gets angry, which is a lot. There's so much more potential in this series I hope to see more books, but I also hope they will live up to the original promise. I could barely put it down to go to sleep at night. It's taken the series in a fascinating direction that leaves some interesting avenues to explore while still leaving it in a very good and satisfying place.My only complaint is that the margins in this paperback are so skimpy as to lose letters in the valley when reading with a book clip. If this is to become the norm with this publisher, I may have to switch to reading their books on Kindle.

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I like it. There are still unresolved items, so there's probably going to be another book, I hope!

Really liked this one too. I'll be re-reading these, I think.

Loved it. Tinker is my favorite of all superheroes.

Excellent third installment in this tale.

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