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Wen Spencer

Wen Spencer
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Books by Wen Spencer


Elfhome (2012)

There are too many characters too keep track of, so the subplots don't dovetail smoothly at the climax. This was a real disappointment because I loved Tinker and Wolf Who Rules. Oilcan gets to shine, which is nice, but Pony doesn't do much other than calm Tinker down every time she gets angry, ...

Elfhome (2012) by Wen Spencer

Wood Sprites (2014)

I loved this book and have read it twice already. While some familiarity with the Tinker universe is helpful, it is not really necessary as the book stands on its own. Consider nine year old wood sprites, who are more clever than the average bear. Add a world-spanning mystery about their parentag...

Wood Sprites (2014) by Wen Spencer

Tinker (2004)

There be spoilers ahead. You have been warned.I'd heard some good things about this book, so I decided to give it a try. I also knew the author was a fan of manga (and therefore presumably Japanese culture) beforehand. Cool. I adore manga too.Thing is, the concept is interesting. The whole piece-...

Tinker (2004) by Wen Spencer

Wolf Who Rules (2006)

I gave a rave review for "Tinker" and continue to do so for "Wolf Who Rules". I did find it somewhat funny that Ms. Spencer decided to call the book after Wolf, as there is actually very little of his presence in the book. He is mostly playing politics throughout the book, until the end, when you...

Wolf Who Rules (2006) by Wen Spencer

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