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Die Ehe-Pause (2013)

Die Ehe-Pause (2013)

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Essentially, this is a story about taking love too much for granted. Happens all the time in marriages, especially when the fire and passion fizzes out in a long relationship. “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” shows what happens when a couple stops communicating and stops working to keep the romance going, no matter how much they love each other.The author is adept at engaging readers and tugging hard at the heartstrings. I read the book before bedtime and retired puffy-eyed. And I succumbed despite silently acknowledging the lack of credibility in the storyline. Seriously, no self-respecting woman would have tolerated the kind of treatment Annie received from Dan and his kith & kin, and a man like Dan, so tall and good-looking, kind, steadfast in love, accommodating etc etc, does not exist in real life. But who cares? Such books are meant to entertain, and meant to turn on the waterworks in the most effective way. But most importantly, it will serve to remind readers to treasure what they have in their relationship. This is the first time I am reading a book by Claudia Carroll. Would like to explore more of her books but can’t help noticing that “Will You Still Me Tomorrow” is the one with the highest rating on goodreads ….. so if you plan to read only one of Ms Carroll’s creations, pick this book. Highly recommended, despite its imperfections. It was a bore. I managed to read the first few chapters before I finally gave up and just skimming through the pages to know how the ending was.The idea of the story itself is actually interesting. You are married to your teenage sweetheart, your first love. But after getting married, life becomes unbearable when your too sweet and kind husband (the qualities that made you fall for him in the first place) seem to care about everybody else except you. All kinds of doubts start to occupy your mind and that is when you decide to make a change though you haven't any clue which way it drives your marriage to. Another fresh start or an end.I think the book was meant to be romantic. Unfortunately, the narration was dragging and simply boring I could not wait to put it down. Just not worth reading the entire story. Only the bottomline is enough.

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