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Claudia Carroll

Claudia Carroll
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Books by Claudia Carroll


Die Ehe-Pause (2013)

Essentially, this is a story about taking love too much for granted. Happens all the time in marriages, especially when the fire and passion fizzes out in a long relationship. “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” shows what happens when a couple stops communicating and stops working to keep the roma...

Die Ehe-Pause (2013) by Claudia Carroll

Der männliche Makel (2012)

I am surprised that this book's current rating is only 3.72. I mean, COME ON !!! Who wouldn't love this book? It is amazing, the characters are perfectly flawed, and the ploti is good. And the best part is, the ending was done PROPERLY. By properly, I mean it is not written shoddily as though the...

Der männliche Makel (2012) by Claudia Carroll

Einmal Paradies und zurück (2009)

Zero stars. No one should read this book, it's terrible. She doesn't actually write - he characters are just filled in using references to movies and television shows (how is that even Legal?) and rough descriptions of how they look. Just one horrible cliche on top of another. This book isn...

Einmal Paradies und zurück (2009) by Claudia Carroll

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