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Der Männliche Makel (2012)

Der männliche Makel (2012)

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About book Der Männliche Makel (2012)

I am surprised that this book's current rating is only 3.72. I mean, COME ON !!! Who wouldn't love this book? It is amazing, the characters are perfectly flawed, and the ploti is good. And the best part is, the ending was done PROPERLY. By properly, I mean it is not written shoddily as though the author is in a hurry to get it over and done with. Claudia Carroll took the time to develop a very satisfying ending and for that, I am a happy reader. Off to read more of Claudia Carroll's books! The first few chapters were such a drag for me that I have to drag myself to read it. But then came Jake and everything else fell neatly at the right places. Probably because Eloise though I respect her for being an alpha-female, career driven single mother, was such a whiny character. A total witch that I came to love as the story progress and delved deeper when Jake came. Instead of Eloise changing Jake, it was Jake who changed Eloise. A symbiotic couple in a chic lit that I actually rooted for. Praise to Claudia Carroll for writing a chic lit that not all sickly sweet girly to the point it makes me sick, this one was made for real women based on real women.

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a nice book. took me a while to read. got more interesting by the end.

a nice, easy read. far to predictable & unbelievable. Well written

loved it

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