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Der Monstrumologe (2012)

Der Monstrumologe (2012)

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3404206673 (ISBN13: 9783404206674)
Bastei Lübbe

About book Der Monstrumologe (2012)

The Monstrumologist was a very engaging book.It covers the journey of a prestigious doctor of dark matters, monsters, and his boy assistant as they try to solve the mystery of horrible beasts showing up in New Jerusalem. It had many unexpected twists throughout the book that really kept me wondering who the real antagonists were. I really enjoyed the setting Rick Yancey placed the story in. I think that using the 1800's put a more rustic feel that sets this book apart from other macabre action adventures. I enjoyed the way he developed the plot small pieces at a time, each one revealing the true intentions and how exactly the Anthropophagi, The headless beasts destroying new Jerusalem, function and where their origins were. One thing that confused me throughout the book was Rick Yancey's choice to make Dr. Warthrops' assistant a twelve year old boy. I felt like there would be much more practicality in choosing a more experienced person instead of a child. Throughout the book there are gruesome scenes of death and mutilation that an older assistant would have been able to handle much easier. I think that he may have chosen a younger assistant was to give more character diversity, because I feel that a more experienced one would simply reflect into a second doctor Warthrop. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes action thrillers with a developing story. Its not too long of a read, and the excitement starts in the beginning and carries to the end. A ghastly, gruesome, grim, and grotesque read. This is a well written horror book unlike anything I've ever read. Granted I don't read much horror, but even still these are not your typical monsters. There is also the challenge of determining which characters are the monsters and which are the men. The characters are anything but flat. If horror is your thing I would highly recommend this. Just don't make the mistake I did and read most of it over your lunch breaks as it may ruin your appetite.

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One of the creepiest books I've ever read.~Mrs. Malatesta

Good plot


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