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Dear Fatty (2008)

Dear Fatty (2008)

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About book Dear Fatty (2008)

I started off thinking this was quite interesting but no more so than a million other people's lives and how if celebrities weren't celebrities they certainly wouldn't be authors. And then, driving to work, she had me in tears- and I appreciated her honesty, and then I heard she's had a mammoth advance and after finding it all quite down-to-earth, her living in a multi-million pound house sort of affected me. I know we're British and we've all got a few self deprecating urges in us but this trait was a bit repetitive. Yet another audio book ( that's how I'm getting through them at a rate of knots!) and read by Lisa Tarbuck. I was a bit disappointed Dawn didn't read it herself but I do understand why. For a while it went up to a (nearly) 4 but 3 is a more accurate rating. this book is basically a very funny and witty autobiography,filled with stories which will make you laugh, and thoughts that will inspire you.this biography is written very differently as instead of it being long chapters of a re-account of Dawn’s life, it is different because dawn writes everything in the book down as if she was writing a letter to people which have affected her life, from love letters to her husband Len, to letters written for famous celebrities she had a crush on in her teen years etc. one other thing which makes these letters unique is some of her letters are lists of things she has done, for example things she did whilst babysitting as a teen, or the list of people she had kissed.The only thing I didn’t like about the book was the way the events was put in the order it was. (if that makes sense) I found one minute Dawn was talking about adopting her daughter, the next she was talking about her teen years, and then the next about how she met her husband. which was confusing to read until you could get your head around itother than that I found myself laughing out loud at Dawns writing and jokes, it is definitely a must read if you enjoy biographies or are a big fan of Dawn.

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An absolute laugh. I have loved Dawn for years and years!

Very amusing memoir.

a good read

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