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Das Dunkle Portal (2000)

Das dunkle Portal (2000)

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One month after her return from Vampire City, Quinn is faced with the.most difficult decision she's ever faced: Leave V.C to die, and her brother along with it, or try to renew the magic, thus possibly saving Zack's life from his magically inflicted illness. To do so, she must yet again trust the deceptive Arturo, who vows to protect her alongside his friend, Micah. V.C. is as dark and dangerous as ever, and worst among the vampires are: Cristoff, Arturo's crazed coven master and pleasurefeeders who crave children's laughter... and life blood. But unlike the first installment we also meet those who have retained some of their morality: Painfeeders who fight for good, traders and slavas , who oppose the deadly regime. It seems as if Arturo has undergone the biggest transformation. I suspect the author has given in to fan complaints after book #1 and changed his background story. He still cannot be entirely trusted, but some of the changes to his background seem improbable, IMO. I could be wrong, of course, and I am not entirely sure how I feel about it...What I did enjoy was V.C's background story. How it devolved into this place of horrors. Quinn's family background becomes clearer as well. And although the second book ends on a cliffhanger, everything seems set for the final battle in book #3. I guess by then we will see whether Arturo choses to follow his heart or his eternal pledge of obedience to Cristoff and V.C... The 2nd installment in the Vamp City series has completely made up for the 1st. I really didn't like the 1st book, and walked away with a bitter taste in my mouth towards Quinn. The only reason I read the 2nd book was for Arturo. He made no sense to me by the end of the 1st book. This time around however, everything you thought you knew about the characters changes. Quinn's personality no longer annoyed me this time around. Yes, she is still a little naive when it comes to her opinions of Vamp City, but that changes by the end of the book. She is still very brave for continuing to go back into this world that she loathes just for the sake of her brother. However, her 3rd time in Vamp City helps her learn that not everything is completely evil there. In this installment, it felt like Quinn is really starting to grow into her own. It was almost like reading a different character's POV in this book. However, Quinn is still very selfish and blind in her motives. I hope that changes in the next book.Zack doesn't have as much page time in this installment. Well, he's always in Quinn's thoughts...but there are no POV sections from him. In the book, we learn of his strange illness that there seems to be no cure for at first. He is also starting to gain back his self confidence, which was completely broken in the last book. Arturo is almost like a different character in this installment. He's still a manipulative, lying snake in this book...but not to Quinn anymore. He seems to have finally stepped into his hero role and is embracing it. I loved reading every one of Arturo's POVs and any scene that he was in. He is still my reason for reading this series. I want to know what will happen with his private internal struggles in the next book. There are some very bright possible outcomes for Arturo....and I really hope one of them happens.Overall....this book read almost like a completely different book. I thoroughly enjoyed this installment 100x more than I was expecting. I will definitely pick up the next one.

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that was cruel. its over?! when is thr next one?!

Great Book!! Hate the cliff hangers though,lol

Review to come soon!

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