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Blindfolded Innocence (2014)

Blindfolded Innocence (2014)

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Starting over can be exhilarating. For Julia Campbell the ending of her engagement felt like a weight had been lifted off of her shoulders. With law school around the corner, securing an internship with a prestigious company was on the top of her list. Determined not to let men lead her astray of her future plans, Julia has discovered using her sexual energy to ensnare a man and then leave him ‘hanging’ is quite powerful. At her internship, Julia works for one of the partners that rarely lets her off at a decent hour. Having absolutely zero time in court, Julia begins to wish for more depth to her job. Office gossip surrounding Brad DeLuca, makes everyone envious of the parties and special perks that his employees receive. What fuels the fire about Brad’s reputation is his rumored sexual prowess. Being the biggest playboy around - Brad has been known to sleep with half the town, his clients, and the interns. The last thing on Julia’s mind is ruining her chance at any future prospects from her internship. When she becomes a target on Brad’s radar, Julia finds that the attraction she has to Brad is harder to resist than she imagined. There is one problem that bothers Julia, Brad doesn’t ‘do’ relationships. He loves to live in the moment and see where it takes him. Despite all the warnings, Julia contemplates accepting the freedom that Brad is offering. No strings attached while living out your desires becomes appealing to Julia. After deciding to take what Brad is offering, the two soon discover that their arrangement will soon twist into something more. Living it up….that’s the name of the game in this erotic romance by Alessandra Torre. I was hooked on this one from the very beginning. What’s not to love….a hot man, Vegas, living out your fantasies. MMMhmmmm - Blindfold Innocence is provocative, erotic, and leaves you with a new appreciation for everything about Brad DeLuca!! What can I say?? I loved every word …from page 1 until the very last page! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Brad and Julia in the next installment. WOW!! I was not expecting this all. A good friend told me that I had to read this series. So, I really didn't realize that it was Erotica, and went into this book blind. The sex scenes in this book are just not for all. I don't like the sharing and have NEVER enjoyed reading about it. I still didn't in this book. But finally a female lead that I loved. Julia had smarts, guts and went after what she wanted, and she did not buy into Brad DeLuca and his huge...ego!!! Julia stood her ground and went toe to toe with whatever came her way. I did not like Brad at first, and it wasn't until book 2 that I even started to understand him, but when I did, I really liked him. He would have given his life for Julia and even though I didn't think it was possible, I fell in love with him! Book 3, End of Innocence was what tied it all up and showed Brad and how he matured and became a man truly worthy of Julia. I can't fault the author for writing the scenes I did not like, but without them this series would have been a 4.5.

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Not really connecting to characters...? On to the next 1,we'll see how it goes


Promising start but this book needed editing.

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3.5 star

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