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Black Bird, Vol. 7 (2011)

Black Bird, Vol. 7 (2011)

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About book Black Bird, Vol. 7 (2011)

God, I love this series!!Kyo is really sexy....but what I find interesting is even though he's sexy, I find I'm not attracted to him (I know!! Me, right!?). I think it's because I love him and Misao together so much that I just want him to love her. And when he's sweet with her, I'm totally all "Awwww!" I love it! I love him and I love her and I love them together!!I also love all the other guys of the Daitengu! Especially Taro!!! Squee!! He's so adorable!! I also really love Zenki... I'm not sure why... it must be the glasses :p Hahaha!!I am so thankful to Sakurakoji-sama for being able to keep the story alive and exciting while not totally veering off the main storylines path! There are still 8 volumes left available in the US so this isn't to say she could fumble, but I am so happy that things haven't gone all Ranma on me... the volumes are still interesting, still staying on the main storyline while bringing in new storylines the characters must manage. I love Sakurakoji-sama for that!! She's wonderful!!Yay!! Onward!! In this installment of the series I wasn't as impressed with the drama. A new guy was introduced, a human who hates demons and has a sword capable of exorcising them. Only apparently Kyo wouldn't be able to defend himself against this kid because he technically isn't allowed to harm humans. But come on, I think self defense should be allowed. The romance was great though as Kyo and Misao survive yet another test to their relationship. The best part of this series though was the bonus chapters, "Angels" and "Ice". Each were sooooo sweet and insanely over the top. I just loved all the fluff!

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This volume was a waste of my time. Her characters are completely dull save for the right hand man.

I love this series so much! And her art is my favorite.

A little different from the others but still good.


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