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Black Bird, Vol. 15 (2012)

Black Bird, Vol. 15 (2012)

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So, Misao begins to develop powers but we quickly find out the reason. Most of this volume revolves around this revelation, but the end does give is a cliffhanger. Part of the conclusion to the Senka Record is revealed and Misao's dreams of a happy future are shattered.This was one of the better volumes because I didn't feel like she was crying at every flippin' moment. She still cries a lot, but not like previous volumes. AHH! Loved the continuation! Misao has this new power & she's always sleepy & Kyo's bit worried obviously. Misao goes to see the fireworks with her parents at some fesitval & Kyo's there with her, too.Renko, Tadanobu's girlfriend, visits her & they talk about their plans for after high school graduation & Misao's not sure what she wants to do yet & Renko goes to tell Tadanobu that she visited Misao & he asks how she is & she says she has a strange new power that seems to protect her. Tadanobu says that Misao doesn't have the power but the one inside her does. MISAO'S PREGNANT!! OMG - no period & stuff, she goes & tells Kyo & he says he'll support whatever decision she makes about the child - whether to have it or not - Misao's not sure - she wants to know what Kyo wants. So they do decide to keep the child - & Misao's envisioning a future together with Kyo, being his wife & everything. They tell her parents while they're at an inn & they decide to support Misao & Kyo's decision too. But they don't know that he'd a demon yet. They go to the beach together & then back at home, Kyo's house is on fire & they're attacked by the Nue - the remaining ones that Sho killed. And it's an illusion of fire & 10 attacked, & only 2 were captured by the Daitengu. The Nue guy is insane & he says all hope is lost now that Misao is with child. He says they don't know the ending of the Senka Maiden prophecy & says that the second the child is born, Misao will die.AND IT ENDS THERE!!I NEED VOLUME 16!!!OMG THE CLIFFHANGER!!

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Okay, read this.I demand everyone read this now.

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turning into twilight

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