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Black Bird, Vol. 10 (2011)

Black Bird, Vol. 10 (2011)

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I love all the "Black Bird" volumes, but I thought this one was particularly interesting not only because of the story line, but because Kanoko added everyone's daily routines. At first I thought I was most like Jiro, but then he reads books only for study, so no. I have a new love for Hoki now! He makes time for himself, drinks tea (substitute Hot Chocolate here) and read books. Not to mention, he's a book collector! What's not to love? ;) Trouble brewing back at home! Family relationships sure are complicated among the Tengu. But the history of Kyo's mother and father was interesting and helps explain how he turned out as an adult. However, his jealous streak was a bit disturbing in this volume. Though I excuse it a bit with Sho reappearing, but he seems to labor under the mistaken belief that Misao is in-love with Sho. I am not sure I like where this is headed. On a side note, I really like the way the Tengu deal with orphans, they are raised in a home for orphans and viewed as members of the clan leader's family.Yet another cliffhanger. Argh!!!!

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Tensions continue as the young lovers meet more tension and more danger is around every corner.

I think I already know where this is going.....I think I've known since vol. 1.

Love it most definitely.

i really love this one


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