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Black Bird, Vol. 5 (2010)

Black Bird, Vol. 5 (2010)

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About book Black Bird, Vol. 5 (2010)

Volume 5 of Black Bird has our adorable couple heading to Kyo's hometown to meet the clans patriarch and to introduce Misao to her future family. But of course this can't be a happy event...turns out the patriarch of the clan doesn't plan on letting them leave until he is sure that Kyo and Misao have consummated their relationship. Talk about pressure, and creepy pressure at that.Not to make things worse or anything, but of course Sojo is being held prisoner in the clan's village and there are still some there that are loyal to him. And they will do anything to restore him to what they think his rightful place is. This manga is continuing to be pretty intense and dramatic, but is sprinkled quite liberally with sweet moments for our hero and heroine. Now time for the next volume so I can learn what happens at the end of this cliffhanger! I really like this series, and every volume I read keeps reminding me why. I'm not big on how forceful Kyo is, but he never pushes Misao further than she's willing to go. The story itself is great and the art is just stunning. I cannot wait until Volume 6 is released in America so I can get my hands on that one. I've been borrowing them from a friend, but I really need to get copies of this fantastic series for myself.

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I like the new environment and I hope the story will move faster in the next volumes!

Sometimes Misao is WAAAAAAAY too impulsive.

same as the first three.

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