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Black Bird, Vol. 3 (2010)

Black Bird, Vol. 3 (2010)

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Ooooo I am liking this series because it is getting dark. This installment had a pretty graphic killing, some intense emotions, and a couple of racy scenes. Not at all what I was expecting when I picked up this cute little shojo manga. Kyo and Misao have admitted their feelings for one another, but Misao is still being hunted by other demons who want to make her their bride. Not to mention that no one seems to know exactly what will happen once the ceremony to make Misao the bride actually occurs, but it seeming more and more ominous with every page. I am starting to think that by becoming a demon bride Misao will be forced to give up everything she holds dear in exchange - so how does she make that choice? And how does Kyo ask a girl he loves to make a choice that will be that hard and require such sacrifice? This is a pretty good series thus far and thankfully has been much more than I expected. I will definitely be heading back to the library this week to pick up the next couple of volumes! In this Black Bird, Kyo gives Misao a special pendant that will allow her to be protected from enemy demons. But foolishly she takes it off to enter the territory of Kuzunoha, an enemy demon, to find out what will happen to her and Kyo in the future by reading the Senka Roku. Kuzunoha tricks Misao and Kyo has to come to her rescue. Misao and Kyo are both worried about what will happen to them in the future since Misao is a human and Kyo is a demon. Id give this book a 10 or 5 stars. I LOVE this series and I'm deeper in it now. I recommend it to everyone who likes romances. Even if you're not into anime, they should read it. This book was similar to others in the series, but this one was one of the best because it has a twist...

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The smutty yet hilarious and compelling story continues. see vol 1 for longer review.

I want the main Character to make up her mind already!!!!


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