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Black Bird, Vol. 2 (2009)

Black Bird, Vol. 2 (2009)

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About book Black Bird, Vol. 2 (2009)

ok so this book is just the same as the first book it is the same to me because to me it is still a really good book. I still think that they should of did more with the story they should of gone on with the book in this book but it is still a really good book that I would recommend to any because to me this book it just really makes you feel like you could be apart of the book it's self. I just still really love all of these books... I was a little skeptical of this series when I first saw it, but, now that I've started reading the chapters, everything is going good! (: I love the comedy chemistry between Misao and Kyo! When they're both together there's always a comedic show :D I have o say though that there are some perverted moments.. I agree with whoever thinks this series is more geared towards young adults. Anyways, have you guys seen the three triplets?!?! Taro and his two other brothers are freakin' adorable. If I can, I'd squeeze their guts out(via a huge hug). Hahaha.. Here we get introduced to Kyo's older brother, who's supposed to be the head of the Tengu clan. This brings in a bundle of conflicts, but no worries- everything will end with one of Kyo's healing sessions! We're also introduced to the eight Daitengu, who are loyal tengu that have been by Kyo's side through many years of conflict. In this chapter, we also learn more about Kyo, and the past that he shared with Misao. I hope there're more scenes of their past shown, it's all so adorable. Kyo's softer side is shown.

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Se pone interesante... veremos que tal estará el tercer volumen

I hope the brother comes back in the future installments.

I am falling in love with manga.

I love Sho!

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